The privacy feature of Facebook may not necessarily be something new but with the rampant scandals and issues to date, the social networking website has recently unveiled a new Privacy Checkup tool for improved protection and privacy of users.

The tool is something you will see from the privacy lock window of your Facebook account. Though, it may not necessarily be one of the newest and appealing enhancements that Facebook has right now, it does somehow remind you to go over your privacy settings and determine who gets to see your posts and who doesn’t.

You can see new Privacy Checkup tool when you access your account through desktops version of the website. However, mobile phone and tablet users will reportedly be seeing it soon as well.

With the new tool, there are now three categories to check out. This includes security concerns as far as your posts, apps and profile data is concerned, something that you can define as far as who gets to see it and who should not. Ideally, most people would lock down their profile and allow the people in their friend’s list to see you activities and posts. But the real intent here is how to protect yourself (and your personal data) from public access, something that has been enabled long before.


As for the intent of the new Privacy Check tool, it is apparently for improved public image. It is no secret that a lot of controversies and scandals have originated from Facebook; although, some debates have ended up in a positive way as far as gaining information is concerned on some people.

So for the Facebook users out there, do not be surprised to find this tool once you log on to your account or plan to check out your privacy settings soon. The intent is apparently for a good cause, and while some may find it redundant, better awareness as your concerned personal information is obviously the intent of all this. Keep tabs of the information you share, even your posts, photos and all.

With Facebook undoubtedly one of the frequent and popular social networking sites many open these days, it doesn’t hurt to double-check your level of security even if you think that you had already done it before.