Motorola promised customers during the launch of Moto X that a developer edition of Moto X would be available for customers through Verizon, but this promise would not be fulfilled according to Punit Soni, the VP for Product Management at helm of Motorola Mobility.

Mr. Punit Soni revealed on Google+ when a user, Shane Borane directly asked Mr. Soni regarding the availability of a developer edition and got this short yet concise reply: “Unfortunately no.” This reply made Motorola customers disappointed especially those who are anticipating the launch of the developer edition.

No specific reason was given regarding the reason on why Motorola decided not to push through with their promise. Despite that, there are speculations stating that the company was not able to sell enough numbers of Moto X DE in order to push through with the developer edition.

Motorola Moto X Punit Soni

Developer editions sold by OEMs are special carrier editions of phones sold without any contract, but still under Telecom providers. Developer editions can be customized and comes with unlocked bootloader, custom recovery, accessible root, and the stock version of Android. Developer editions are popular to customers who are knowledgeable in terms of creating customizations options from Moto Maker thus making personalized and one of a kind changes in their smartphones.

Motorola has already sold developer editions before for DROID MAXX, DROID RAZR M, and DROID RAZR HD. HTC and Samsung has also released developer editions of their product line namely the One M8 and the Galaxy S5.


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