Looking to buy new iPhone 6 and dispose old phones? Now is the perfect time for you to get the most out of their old phones through Amazon’s Trade-In Program. The trade-in program is considered as one of the best options in terms of value for money especially when purchasing a new phone with the use of their old smartphones.

The Amazon Trade-In Program determines the value of the device based on its condition, carrier, color, and storage capacity. These items are carefully rated and evaluated. For example Verizon, AT&T, and unlocked versions of iPhone 5S currently have a trade-in value of $300*. An unlocked iPhone 5 (16GB) with a “like new” condition will have a return value of $250*, a Verizon iPhone 5 (64GB) with a “like new” condition would be estimated at around $345*, and an iPhone 5C 16GB Blue from Sprint would cost around $195*.

(Note: *Trade-in values are subject to change based on market rate.)

Apple also offers an in-house recycling option for customers. The iPhone 5 is actually valued up to US$225 worth of Apple gift cards, which can be used in Apple stores. Customers who are not really keen on receiving Amazon gift cards can also opt to dispose of their current phone through online selling like eBay and Craigslist. Other websites that can also be considered includes Gazelle, Next Worth, and Glyde.

Alleged Apple iPhone 6 first video review leaks on web from China

Despite the growing competition in the smartphone industry, the release of iPhone 6 is actually one of the much-anticipated events by Apple and non-Apple fans. Mark Spoonauer, the editor for Laptop.Mag also made a remark, “A lot of shoppers have been waiting for Apple to deliver a bigger screen, and that alone will spur an impressive upgrade cycle. If two iPhone 6 models debut as expected [with larger screens], it will put immense pressure on Samsung.”