The much-awaited Apple event is finally here, and a lot of people are eager to see the much-rumored 4.7-inch iPhone 6 version expected to be the highlight of Apple’s festivities. Of course, Apple is still keeping everything under wraps, but after announcing a big trade-in event at the U.S. retail stores, the signals of an iPhone 6 coming became even louder.

The trade-in event that provides tempting deals for old iPhone 4 and 4S users and allows customers to opt for an upgrade to the iPhone 5S and/or 5C or even the upcoming iPhone 6. Under the scheme, an old iPhone 4 could fetch as much as $99 while an iPhone 4S can net up to $199 if customers would opt to get the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5C.

Making it sweeter however are the sweet deals that retail stores such as AT&T, Sprint and Verizon are dangling. Trading-in an iPhone 4 can net you an iPhone 5C while an iPhone 4S can land you an iPhone 5S. This is, of course, tied up with a 2-year contract with the respective carrier.

T-Mobile will be going as far as studying an iPhone 6 trade-in scenario. No figures on what they will be offering for customers who may be keen on an upgrade to the iPhone 6, preferring to wait first on how their retail competitors will be offering. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they would match or offer something lower but are making sure that they will be putting up a fair deal.

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For its part, Sprint is offering an Easy Pay program that allows their customers to upgrade instantly while spreading out the cost over two years, something determined after taxes and the down payment, which has yet to be announced.

To recall, the iPhone 6 will be coming in two models (4.7 and 5.5 inch models) the one expected to be launched is the 4.7-inch version with a larger 5.5 inch model to be released later on. Other specs, according to leaks and rumors, also tell us that it will have an enhanced back cover, a new HOME button and larger side buttons.

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The trade-in program does sound tempting to take, particularly for the folks who want to shift to the later iPhone models. Would you bite? Better yet, would you trade-in your old phone for an iPhone 6 if the price is right? Before anything else, do remember that all that would come with a 2-year tie up so choose wisely.


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