Apple has undertaken a new measure to help safeguard iCloud account owners after the much-celebrated hack that led to the spread of private photos of popular celebrities recently. After CEO Tim Cook vowed to improve the security flaws last week, Apple will be implementing stricter measures that include email alerts if any changes or modifications requests are made.

The list of changes will include account options such as password modifications, device restores, or logging on to the account from another device. Though the improved security measures were said to be scheduled for next week, Apple has already started with the new measures especially for the users who access their iCloud account using web browsers. This will only be a one-time process for future logins when the same browser (and workstation) is used.

apple icloud alerts

Irritating as it may seem, the new security measure should be a welcome development, particularly in the area of security on the user end. The said leaks dealt a severe blow to the reliability and security of cloud storage users, leaving a lot wondering on the vulnerability of the iCloud service.

However with the improved security service implementation, such should help immensely although it remains to be seen if the improved measures would be enough to discourage hackers from continuing their naughty intent.

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Add to the fact the new upcoming services such as a mobile payment service, which is expected to be announced as well during Apple’s event today, the question remains up there on whether the new security enhancements would be enough to safeguard iCloud user accounts.