For gaming enthusiasts who plan to purchase a game console soon, you may want to check out the PlayStation 4. The next installment from Sony’s line of gaming consoles has just achieved a milestone, something that should influence and gain interest in the gaming world.

Per reports, the Sony PlayStation 4 has just sold over 1 million units in a span of 42 weeks over in the United Kingdom, making it the second best-selling console after the Nintendo Wii which holds the record for achieving the same number in just 38 weeks.

The latest achievement by Sony bests the performance of their PlayStation game consoles. Previously, the Sony PS2 reached the million-unit sales mark after 50 weeks. As far as other game consoles are concerned, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 hit the million sales mark after 60 weeks, staying on top of the Britain market for a period of 8 years.

xbox one playstation 4

So with the fast sales record that the PS4 has achieved, does it follow that it is the best game console that one should get? Not necessarily. Like previous game consoles such as the PS3, there are possibilities of issues as far as the game console is concerned. As far as the sales figures are concerned, sugar-coating or overstating sales figures could likewise be possible, knowing for a fact that with eye-popping figures could somehow be a big influence for consumer demand.

And like most market trends, once a new gaming console is announced, gaming consumers are bound to want to get one to see what kind of features and improvements the new gaming console has to offer. The announcement of the Sony PS4 feat comes just a day after the scheduled release of the highly anticipated game called Destiny, which is also available on other game consoles such as the Xbox One, and Xbox 360.