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Tesla brings better driving visuals, energy predictions, and driver profiles in software update ver 2022.16.0.2 – Tesla Oracle – Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX News


Tesla rolled out the software update version 2022.16.0.2 earlier this week and it brings a bunch of improvements for the vehicle owners to experience and take benefit of. Although this is not a big update that contains a lot of new features, it does focus on some key areas where improvements were needed.
This end-of-May Tesla software update improves Driver Profile functionality and how the car predicts energy consumption while using the online navigation maps.
In version 2022.16.0.2 Tesla has attached the car’s Media Player accounts such as Spotify to the driver’s profile. This has been a much-requested feature by Tesla owners for a while, and their prayers have now been heard.
The most interesting are the new driving visualizations which have been matched to the recent FSD Beta release version 10.12 (2022.12.3.10).
Actually, there are two branches of Tesla over-the-air (OTA) software updates, one is for the limited FSD Beta testers that comprise of automaker’s internal beta testers and external Tesla vehicle owners. The other branch is the rest of the global fleet of Tesla owners including the ones who have already bought the Full Self-Driving (FSD) package with their cars.
So, 2022.16.0.2 is the latest non-FSD Beta software update for Tesla owners not enrolled in the FSD early access program. Let’s go over the release notes to get the details of the new features.
Media Player accounts (e.g. Spotify login) are now linked to your driver profile. Simply lo into your media account whlile your driver profile is selected.
Energy prediction for your route has been improved by incorporating forecasted crosswind, headwind, humidity, and ambient temperature when using online navigation.
Now the predicted energy consumption and range of a Tesla vehicle will be more realistic as the car is now able to weigh in aerodynamic and weather factors outside the vehicle as well.
Tesla has synchronized the driving visualizations for both the FSD Beta and non-FSD Beta car owners as we have discussed above. In the new driving visualizations, rendering of bicycles and motorcycles has been improved and is particularly interesting as some of the Tesla owners have identified in their tweets.
New bike graphic is 👌 👌 pic.twitter.com/tpVLHSfhtx
Visualizations on FSD Beta 10.12 are awesome (also 2022.16.0.2)! It’s correctly rendering cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, vans, semis, buses – even when they’re coming from behind.
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