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U.S. health and wellness accounts for 20% of the GDP. Loup Funds’ Gene Munster expects that over the next two decades, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, and Microsoft will play increasing roles in healthcare and will take sales from the industry’s massive addressable market.
Gene Munster and Rebecca Mulberg for Loup Funds:
Apple will stick to their hardware, software and services core competency and provide the device layer along with data storage. Notably, we don’t expect Apple’s Project Casper, a primary care program pioneered in 2016, to materialize.
Taking a closer look at Amazon and Apple: If each company could capture 2% of that annual spend, it would add $80B in yearly revenue today. Ten years from now, 2% of healthcare spend is more likely to be $125B. Factoring in that Amazon and Apple will likely grow at ~5% per year over the next ten years, Amazon’s revenue would likely increase by 13% and Apple’s by 20%. In short, wellness is a big enough market to move the needle for both tech giants…
Apple has a unique position to capture, protect and share health data. In a sense, Apple is the data platform and it wants physicians, providers and future patients to keep that in mind.
MacDailyNews Take: No, we’re not trusting anything to do with our health to the likes of Microsoft.
Switching gears, the holy grail for Apple Watch is non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring.
Initially envisioned by the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, Apple engineers were tasked with developing sensors that can non-invasively and continuously monitor blood sugar levels to better treat diabetes. Before his death, Jobs envisioned wearable devices, like smartwatches, being used to monitor important vitals, such as oxygen levels, heart rate and blood glucose, as Christina Farr reported for CNBC back in 2017.
If achieved, Apple Watch would become the essential device for hundreds of millions of people with diabetes. Non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring would indeed be the holy grail for treating diabetes.MacDailyNews, April 12, 2017
Back in 2013, EDN covered non-invasive blood glucose monitoring using near-infrared spectroscopy here.
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A few Quarters ago Tim was asked what he thinks Apple will be remembered by… his answer with very little hesitation was “ Health “
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