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MMA News Roundup: UFC fighter calls NASA image "photoshopped bullsh*t," Elon Musk wants to fight Vladimir Putin in MMA bout, Dana White warns Jake Paul about 'warlock' – Sportskeeda


Welcome to today’s edition of Sportskeeda’s daily MMA News Roundup, where we present the biggest UFC updates and other stories from the world of mixed martial arts.
In the latest issue, we talk about a UFC fighter slamming NASA, Dana White’s words of warning to Jake Paul, and more.
Fan-favorite featherweight Bryce Mitchell has an undefeated professional fighting streak inside the octagon, but has some controversial takes outside of it. A believer in the theory that the U.S. government stages mass shootings, the most recent wild take from ‘Thug Nasty’ is that NASA’s astronomical images are nothing but doctored images.
Joe Rogan shared a picture NASA recently released of the Cartwheel Galaxy taken by the James Webb Space Telescope. According to their official website, the Cartwheel Galaxy is located 500 million light-years away in the Sculptor constellation and is a rare sight to capture.
Instagram Post
While the UFC commentator found the image “incredible,” Mitchell had a different opinion:
Check out the statement below:
The Arkansas native previously claimed that the frequent shootings in the U.S. were “government collusions,” including the recent Las Vegas incident and other tragic school shootings.
The billionaire Tesla CEO elaborated on his recent call-out of Vladimir Putin in an MMA fight on Twitter. Earlier this year in March, Musk sent out this tweet in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine:
Speaking on the Full Send podcast yesterday, Musk jokingly detailed how he planned on defeating the Russian president:
Watch the full podcast below:

Musk is currently assisting Ukraine by deploying his Starlink satellites to provide internet access with encrypted data after Russia’s constant attacks on the country’s power grids to intercept information.
Dana White has made it clear that he bears Jake Paul no ill will, but he does not care for his close friend Nakisa Bidarian. Once the Chief Financial Officer at the UFC, Bidarian now runs Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions and is an adviser to him.
After Jake Paul vs. Hasim Rahman Jr. fell through hours before UFC 277 last week, White fired shots at Bidarian, advising Paul to surround himself with better people. The UFC head honcho reiterated that in a recent FightHype interview, where he brought back his infamous nickname for Bidarian: ‘The Warlock’.
White suggested that Paul should team up with other great promoters such as Eddie Hearn and Bob Arum instead.


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