It was only a matter of time before Microsoft would do away with the Nokia name and apparently, such will be happening soon as they try to rebrand their Lumia phones. However, it seems that it will not just be Nokia but the Windows Phone name as well. And the result is plain and simple, something readily familiar to the Microsoft circle – Windows.

Instead of seeing the standard Windows Phone brand, it will be the familiar Windows logo that will take its place. The same holds true for the Nokia part where it will be placed on the side with the Windows logo, part of a plan to use the “Windows” name with their future mobile products, advertising and promotions.

All these plans are reportedly commence this December (the Christmas season) when the company undertakes its Holiday season campaign. Microsoft can actually use the Nokia brand up to November 25, 2015 but from the looks of it, the company is not waiting that long to drop it.

In fact, Microsoft has quietly taken out the Nokia name from its last batch of handsets, namely the Lumia 730, 735 and 830. That batch of mobile phones stands to be the last we would see of the Nokia name as Microsoft moves forward with its rebranding intent.

However do take note that while the Nokia logo may be taken out, the Lumia brand stays. And as far as the Windows logo is concerned, it will be present in packaging and promotions but not on the actually handset in the early goings.


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