At I/O, Google promised that Android apps will soon run on Chromebooks, and it completes the promise by introducing the first set of four Android apps to Chrome OS. These apps were developed under the App Runtime for Chrome (Beta) program which is expected to grow in the coming months as Android developers buckle down to work.

The four apps which made their debut are Duolingo, Evernote, Sight Words and Vine, basic, but reliable apps which can be used with only a keyboard and a mouse. The number of apps will increase in the coming months as Google is trying to entice Android developers in bringing their apps to the Chrome OS, something which could ultimately be made easier if an SDK (Software Development Kit) comes out.

Google believes that by working with app developers, it should be a no brainer or as they termed “little to no engineering effort”. But of course, the interface issue does bring some questions in mind, though such could be a minimal concern.

The four apps may not necessarily be the blockbuster names people would enjoy, but do remember that this is still in the beta stages. The apps are useful and should provide Chrome OS users something to ponder on, at least for the time being. All the web apps are available from the Chrome Web Store.

This development likewise addresses the need for Chromebook users to port any app or service. The apps function using Android Runtime, meaning minimal to no modification may be necessary.

For folks who want to see their favorite app in Chrome Web Store, well Google is listening. Users can send their suggestions to Google directly and with some luck, get priority over other apps which could come out in the coming months.