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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. Apple iPhone 6 Plus: Specs and Features

A week before the Apple iPhone 6 Plus was introduced, as always, new product reveals beg to be compared in another great spec shootout.

This time, Apple’s iPhablet will square off with Samsung’s newest Galaxy Note 4 that was announced before IFA 2014 in Berlin. Has Apple made significant strides with the iPhone 6 against Samsung’s growing influence? Let’s get to it.


Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus comes with 5.5-inch liquid crystal display (or LCD) with Apple’s newly-named “Retina HD” screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Apple has also provided something of a stronger, durable glass in the iPhone 6 Plus (what Apple calls “ion-strengthened glass”), although the company doesn’t claim that the display utilizes Corning’s Gorilla Glass. We’re still curious about why it is that last year’s iPhone 5s bears Gorilla Glass 3 but this year’s display doesn’t bear Gorilla Glass 4 or something akin to it.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 features a 5.7-inch, Super AMOLED display that carries over from the Galaxy Note 3’s 5.7-inch display that features a Quad HD screen resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels.


In the category of the phablet, however, Samsung is King, so Samsung wins it here again with the 5.7-inch display and the new Quad HD resolution. Apple’s Retina HD resolution places it more on the level of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 than it does the Note 4.

While iPhone 6 Plus attempts to compete with Samsung’s Note line, it seems to be behind the times in terms of its screen resolution. We can see the need for Full HD screens with 5-inch displays, but anything that’s 5.5 inches across or more should have a bit brighter display. Apple has optimized the iPhone 6 Plus as it does always, but we think that the battery will take a hit because of the bright screen resolution. More on that below.


The iPhone 6 Plus features a 1Ghz, dual-core, 64-bit A8 processor that’s made for excellent graphics and fast gaming operations, and Apple has maintained its 1Gz dual-core configuration that seems outdated, to say the least, when you consider the inclusion of a second-generation 64-bit processor chip.

Some have said that Apple doesn’t need to play the “spec game,” as many claim Android manufacturers do, because it optimizes its hardware and software above all other manufacturers. We’re sure that Apple appreciates this confidence boost, but, similar to some opinions about Samsung’s Ultra Power Saving Mode, we still wonder: how is Apple optimizing its dual-core processor to make it faster than others? We’ve never been given details on this, but we think that Apple implicitly gives it away with the addition of its new “M8” motion coprocessor.

Have you ever wondered why Apple even needed a motion coprocessor in the iPhone 6 Plus (and 5s) in the first place? iPhones past have all worked well without the need of a motion coprocessor – and those iPhones (say, the 3GS, for example) still allowed you to play games, track your fitness activities, and so on apart from a motion coprocessor.

Apple iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus: What is the “Plus” difference

Apple said during the iPhone 6 Plus announcement that the motion coprocessor works to process and upload your fitness activity data to the server so that you can access it at any time. If this is true, however, the question should be raised: why do we even need a motion coprocessor at all? Isn’t the dual-core processor capable of handling these tasks?

If you’ll notice, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 doesn’t need a motion coprocessor – and it is built to handle S-Health activity tracking (calories, distance walked, fitness exercise times, etc.). The Note 4 utilizes a quad-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor that has been built to optimize gaming and graphics. While Apple’s dual-core processor comes clocked in at a speed of 1 Ghz, Samsung’s Note 4 processor is clocked at 2.7Ghz – nearly 3 times as fast as Apple’s. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 has four cores for its processor, while Apple’s has essentially three cores.

Did you notice the last statement? Apple’s iPhone 6 has three cores, although the company states that it has a dual-core processor (or two cores). The third core is the new motion coprocessor that’s been placed into the iPhone since the iPhone 5s.

In short, the dual-core processor, while good for basic tasks, is not built to handle multitasking capabilities. In truth, then, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is better built to handle multitasking while sparing battery life. Apple’s two processors in the iPhone 6 Plus show the inadequacy of dual-core processors and their ability to handle multitasking. If this is part of Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus optimization, we wish the company would at least explicitly admit that maybe Android’s done something right with its quad-core processor than to leave many an iPhone user thinking that dual-core processors can handle the same tasks as quad-cores and that “specs don’t matter.”

There’s no need to say it, but we will: the 2.7Ghz, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor defeats the 1Ghz, dual-core processor of Apple’s iPhone 6 – and the new A8 motion coprocessor is an implicit confession of the superiority of tri-core (three cores), quad-core (4 cores), and hexa-core (six core) processors.


Since we’ve already talked about the processor, it makes sense to dive into the battery next. The iPhone 6 Plus houses a 2,915mAh battery (or a little over 2,900mAh, nearly twice the size of the iPhone 5s battery). The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 houses a 3,220mAh battery that is only 20mAh above that of last year’s Note 3.

The winner here will come down to real performance and tests for many, but Apple was honest enough to come forward with what iPhone users can expect in the iPhone 6 Plus experience.

Apple Watch reinvents smartwatch market, coming early 2015

The 6 Plus can handle 14 hours of video playback, 12 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, LTE browsing, and 3G browsing. This comes out to 4 additional video playback hours, 2 additional Wi-Fi browsing hours, 2 additional LTE browsing hours, and 4 additional 3G browsing hours as compared to the iPhone 5s.

At best, you can expect an additional 2 hours (max) of battery life in most cases, which means that you’ll still be a “wall hugger” (to use Samsung’s popular pre-iPhone 6 commercial) with the new iPhone 6 models. Meanwhile, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 has a battery size that’s nearly identical to last year’s model, and our real-time tests have shown that you can get at least 11 hours of battery life with heavy usage (lots of gaming, for instance), 25-35 hours with moderate usage, and as much as 2-2.5 days with light usage on the Galaxy Note 3. With a matching battery in the Galaxy Note 4, we don’t see why these results wouldn’t be replicated in the new Note.

Finally, the Galaxy Note 4 has something that the iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t: a Power Saving Mode and Ultra Power Saving Mode. We’ve experienced 6-7 days of battery life with the Ultra Power Saving Mode, and as much as 2-2.5 days with the regular, grayscale Power Saving Mode.

The difference between iPhone 6 Plus 2,915mAh battery and its 12-hour battery life versus that of the Note 4’s 3,220mAh battery and its 1.5-day to 2-day battery life can be attributed to the use of Samsung’s AMOLED display, which utilizes light from within the screen, as opposed to Apple’s iPhone 6 that must include an “ultra-thin backlight” behind the screen, as the company showed in the iPhone 6 anatomy on Tuesday.


The iPhone 6 bears an 8MP camera in both models, while the Galaxy Note 4 features a 16MP camera. The iPhone 6 Plus has optical image stabilization while, Galaxy Note 3 has digital image stabilization, but the company decided to provide optical image stabilization (OIS) with this year’s Galaxy Note 4.

As for camera performance, it remains to be seen. What we can say with certainty, however, is that a DxO Mark study comparing the Galaxy S5 from earlier this year with Apple’s iPhone 5s and other top-end smartphone models declared Samsung’s Galaxy S5 the winner by a few points over the iPhone 5s in terms of image and video quality. As for the Galaxy Note 4, time will tell. Since the Note 4 features a 16MP camera that now provides OIS, we have reason to believe that the race, although still neck-and-neck, will declare the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the winner once more.


Some have said that an 8MP camera in the iPhone 6 Plus experience will do, but we just don’t understand how it is that anyone can say that an 8MP camera can provide the same image zoom quality as a 16MP camera – particularly when you consider that Samsung increased the digital zoom quality of the Note 4 from 4x in the Note 3 to 8x in the Note 4. Apple iPhone 6 Plus may have excellent lighting and photography, but the winner of the attention to detail category will still lie with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4.


The Galaxy Note 4 wins with its wider display (that has better battery efficiency than traditional LCD screens), a camera with better digital zoom and megapixel count, larger battery that provides more than double the battery time of the iPhone 6, and a processor that is built to handle multitasking better than the iPhone 6’s dual-core processor + additional processor for uploading motion data.

One major point that can be taken away from all of this is that, contrary to what many have said about the iPhone experience, specs do matter. From Apple’s wider displays, to a faster processor and motion coprocessor, to increased pixel sizes that “let in more light,” according to Apple, specs are important. The fact that we’ve just done this spec shootout gives the same testimony.

Key Specifications:

Features iPhone 6 Plus Galaxy Note 4
Processor A8 chip with 64-bit architecture, M8 motion coprocessor 2.7 GHz Quad-Core Processor 1.9 GHz Octa-Core (1.9GHz Quad + 1.3GHz Quad-Core) Processor
Main Memory 1GB of RAM 3GB RAM
Display 5.5-inch Retina HD with IPS technology (1920 x 1980 pixels at 401 ppi) 5.7 inch Quad HD Super AMOLED (2560 x 1440), 515 ppi
Storage 16GB, 64GB and 128 GB 32 GB, expandable up to 64GB
Camera 8MP iSight camera with Focus Pixels, True Tone flash and OIS, and 1.2MP front-facing sensor 16 MP rear with Smart OIS, 3.7 MP front facing camera with f1.9
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n, 3G, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0 GPS, NFC Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, 4G, LTE 6, USB 2.0
Dimensions 158.1 mm x 77.8 mm x 7.1 mm 153.5 x 78.6 x 8.5mm
Weight 172 grams 176g
Sensors Touch ID, Barometer, Three-axis gyro, Accelerometer, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor Gesture, Accelerometer, Geo-magnetic, Gyroscope, RGB,IR-LED Proximity, Barometer, Hall Sensor, Finger Scanner, UV, Heart Rate Monitoring, SpO2
Battery Not Disclosed 3,220mAh
OS iOS 8 Android 4.4.4
Colors Silver, Gold, and Space Gray Frost White, Charcoal Black, Bronze Gold, Blossom Pink
Deidre Richardson is a tech enthusiast who loves to cover the latest news on smartphones, tablets, and mobile gadgets. A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (B.A, History/Music), you can always find her rocking her Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and LG Nexus 5 on a regular basis.


  1. Yeah playing catch up is hard going for apple,IOS is basically the same as IOS7.The only INOVATION apple has come up with is what they copied in size and the 6 plus frame week Aliminum at that.They will not admit this but it’s plain to see.Ive purchased the Galaxy note 4 from Korea and I’m having a tech fix with it,interface (stunning),stylus (fantastic),camera (best in smart phone range),,Battery (excellent),construction,(better than Note 3).The best thing is the screen can be moved to the right or left and adjusted so your thumb can reach the icons on the hole screen,similar to s5.I have small hands and it did not matter to me at all when using one hand (my right).

    The stylus is much better with the improvements made as far,cut,copy,paste adds a more laptop feel and very easy to do,with the ability to multi task so quick,it’s actually faster with the pen.I found it to be ver quick indeed.It really is the most powerful smart phone/computer for its size.Just wait till you get one, you’ll love it.I can see why my contacts said this is the start of the next big thing for Samsung,and if what was told by my contacts is true,then Samsung will stop producing laptops by the end of 2017 and keep the focus on the super tablets with stylus.In addition stylus is going to get more interesting to with auto correct and voice type to be added to further enhance this application.I was also told about the 3D holographic application that is been worked on at preset,very similar to googles soon to be released phablet but a more in your face experience 3D/360.I do believe I wrote about this back in APRIL/MAY this year a week before google told us about it.the finger was also pointed at the play maker of this next stage,and it’s oculus that’s in the tick of things.I guess the VR head set is the starting point.

    Any way I guess like every one else I’m just playing the waiting game to,and can’t wait for my contact to feed my hungry appetite for new tech from around the development team at Samsung and alike.Oh Deidre great Post with factual writing again.If only the die hard Apple fans look outside the box so to speak!!!!!,patriotism is the one thing that blinds the truth from non fiction.So plain to see but not mentioned by anyone.

    • Frederick, it’s good to hear from you again. It’s good to know you’re still reading Inferse 🙂

      You’re right: there is a nationalistic bias that I think drives American consumers to prefer the iPhone over other smartphones that are better than the iPhone. As an American, I happen to believe that my money should go to a product well-made, with the software innovation that makes companies stand out from their competition. Samsung still leads the way in this, and it doesn’t look as if that’ll change anytime soon (this is a good thing, by the way!).

      I aim to provide an objective look into these types of spec shootouts so that readers can see that specs do matter. I think that the phrase “specs don’t matter” is too broad of a statement that doesn’t take into account the complexity of smartphones and how they stack up in performance against their rivals. A 12MP camera, for instance, can take terrible photos — but that doesn’t mean that all 12MP cameras are insignificant.

      If specs do not matter, then why is it that most iPhone users aim to buy the “latest” iPhone each year? Interestingly enough, Apple could put a 1Ghz processor into the device next year as opposed to the 1.3Ghz processor this year, and a large number of Apple users would still buy it! The #Bendgate event has only made things worse for Apple. Sadly, there are still American customers who are trotting off to buy the iPhone 6 Plus. I’m amazed that the same iPhone users who said they didn’t want bigger phones now do, all because Apple’s manufactured larger displays.

      You did say that 3D tech would grow in appearance with the latest tech gadgets, and I do think that the Gear VR headset is just the beginning. I’m due to upgrade from my Note 3 next year, but just purchased a GS5 back in May. With my Note 5 next Fall, I’m more than ready to purchase my Gear VR headset. As of this year, i’m interested in the Gear S. It’s the best smartwatch on the market, and I’d love to review the watch.

      I’ve taken a lot of criticism from some of our readers due to my love of Samsung, but I don’t mind it. I know that whenever Samsung takes the stage, I’m all hyped about “the next big thing,” and Samsung has never disappointed in this regard. And I am thankful that i’ve been given the opportunity I have to let others know the quality of the experience they’ll have with Samsung.

      Frederick, i’ve said it before: i’m open to reviewing Samsung products, from the Gear VR to the Gear S to the Galaxy Note 4. I’ve seen the Galaxy Note 4 Samsung released — and it’s as gorgeous as it’s ever been. If you have any insights to share with us about the Note 4, please feel free to let us know.

      I’m so glad you wrote us again. It’s been a while, and I knew that the Samsung announcements would bring you back to Inferse. We love Samsung here — no apologies for that 🙂

      • “As an American, I happen to believe that my money should go to a product well-made, with the software innovation that makes companies stand out from their competition.”

        Me too, thats why I have an iphone. 😉

        • And how exactly does Apple’s software stand out from the crowd? Much of it is copying from Android and Windows to bring it to iOS.

          Obviously, then, you only believe in buying a phone based on what it looks like. Anyone can make a nice-feeling phone in hand…but where’s the real innovation?

          • How long was the iphone out before android came out???

            Who is copying who?

            “Obviously, then, you only believe in buying a phone based on what it looks like.”
            Incorrect, I like bug free things, and things that work correctly out of the box. That is why I will always buy apple.

          • bug-free? You obviously haven’t used an iOS device in the last few years, have you?

            In fact, studies show that iOS devices tend to have more app crashes and bugs than Android devices. And don’t get me started on iOS 8 and iOS 8.0.1…that’s what you call innovation? lol

          • Another clown stuck in 2007 who still thinks Android is buggy! I have the original note 1 from 3 years ago, its running 4.1.2 jellybean. It downloads movies super fast from the internet. Smooth as butter to use, i could still be useing this baby another 3 years! because it bascially is running a dual core 1.4ghz processor with 1 gb ram thats the same specs as an iphone 6, mind you my note is 3 years old! No back button on a phone is a joke! No way to bluetooth music to a device that has bluetooth, even a clam shell phone from 10years ago does this! But the main feature of Android is downloading music movies pictures and pdfs or anything your heart desires like a pc straight to a usb flashdrive, so all you do is pop it in the big screen telly and watch! Multi tasking splitscreen on jellybean upgrade! You get what you pay for in life, buy a cheap phone and you get cheap! My note 1 has worked out of the box spot on for 3 years

          • And yes apps crash on ios twice as much as Android. This is why i will always buy Android. Google it sometime when your not trolling! Apps crash more on ios than Android. Theres hundreds of pages to view!

    • Looked outside the box? Seriously? Oh you Samsung sheep are great. Did you know in benchmarks the 6 Plus beat the Note 4? Even with all that extra power? The camera, we’ll that was rated below the 6 Plus as well by actual photographic websites. The screen? Yeah, hate to break it to you but the 6 Plus also has the top rated screen in terms of reproduction of color.
      Ahhhhh the Note 4, Samsung’s newest way to ship out bloatware loaded crap. Enjoy your gap, you know, the one that’s “supposed” to be there.

      • I have owned the IPhone 3, 4, and 5, but the Note 4 is far better than all those IPhones including the 6 and 6 Plus. Are you going to tell me that the IPhone Plus’ 1 Ghz chip is going to out perform the Note 4’s 2.7 Ghz chip? Show me the benchmark test that proves that? That’s like saying that the Honda Fit can beat McLaren P1 in the quarter mile.

        • Funny, PC’s have always had more processing speed then macs, but were always slower. Speed does not just come down to how many processors you have, there is a lot more that goes into it.

          • Because Windows constantly updates with crapware slowing it down. That’s why I turned off updates on my new rig. Haven’t seen a Mac faster than it (and it didn’t break $1,200).

          • And I’m assuming you’ve been able to use all of the macs that you claim aren’t faster. Must be nice to have all that money to test every product apple makes.

        • Oh, I forgot, the Note 4 is available right now for you to make those claims. If you knew anything you’d know that it’s a combination of hardware and software that create the speed. . Sheep.

          • I have been using a iPhone 4, and recently decided to buy a Note 3 (yes a month before the release of the Note 4! ) because of Apple’s stubborn resistance to the stylus (I have waited on this for some time now). I am very am very pleased with the phone, and especially the Stylus. On the other hand, the camera though I think supposed to be 13MP is crap, I mean so crap it is useless, honestly my iPhone 4 had a better image than this, from what I have read it seems that issue is not the lense but rather the image processing chip, it is crap. I do believe that the Note 4 is better, but the point is, megapixels are not the issue, image processing chips are.

      • I’ve heard the note 4 has currently has the best smartphone screen on the market? Are you sure the iPhone 6 has a better one?

      • So I find this incorrect. According to the benchmarks shows that in “single core” operation the iPhone bested the Note 4 by a under a couple hundred points. Then in multicore benchmarks the Note 4 bested the iPhone by a few hundred points. Graphics went to the iPhone and web browsing also went to the iPhone, but barely. So what does this tell me.

        Well seeing how Safari doesn’t render any audio (which is smart IMO) it browses better, when it comes to gaming, the iPhone can produce better games, but it’s not because of it’s hardware. When it comes to processing in general, the Note 4 is more efficient, but in real world use does the better score show? Probably not.

        The thing the iPhone does well is software optimization. Android L may change this, but time will tell right. Right now if you want a simple and boring software experience that “just works” then the iPhone is the way to go. If you want a reliable and versatile experience that is similar to a desktop style freedom, then Android is the way to go.

        Me personally, I’ll take a little bit of “jank” and stutter for more functionality. Getting updates on time, or having access to a several games early isn’t worth the cost of not being able to set up my portable mini computer the way I want it. Do I care about the iOS vs Android war… not really seeing how I own an iPad and had an iPhone 6 as of yesterday for 18 days before returning it due to the camera getting water haze in it thanks to my Zaggs body protector getting water inside the camera lens. Sure it was my fault, but I’ll use my iPhone 5S until the Note 4 comes out then I’ll have both until I get sick of touchwiz.

        • Wow. The best side by side comparison I’ve heard. Honest with no bias. If you have a HD Camera, iPad, and MacBook Pro an iPhone fits right in this list of creative essentials. You could have a Note 4 or
          S5 (I own) and have close to all of these things in one and save thousands. However, Android is not for the faint at heart. Apple dumbs it down. Which is never a bad thing. But no one should really be arguing which is the better bang for your buck. Try running iOS 8 on an iPhone 4s vs Kit Kat 4.4 on an S2.

  2. The note edge to has a specific roll ,and that is to attract the consumer with little hands but want a big screen.Very clever when you think about the screen being curved.Samsung did a lot of research about how many people are right handed,many more than left handed people out in the market.I was told two years of research in Korea alone found that people wanted a phone that’s big but were put back from buying 5 plus inch screen size phones in Korea because the size of the majority of people’s hands in Korea were very uncomfortable using the bigger smart phones.Besides this the second reason being to attracted the business man/woman alike who constantly are gazing at the phone for emails and SMS messages from clients and colleagues for important up dates with out touching the devises to look.This is a big plus for them and will attract many in the board room and office without interruption.

    I did manage to Fidel around with the Edge for a couple of hours in Korea and it made a lot of sense,Although not as powerful as the note 4 it to had me captivated.The stylus has been well integrated to make the edge design come in to play,but you really don’t need the S pen at all with the edge cause you don’t need to use both hands to operate it,one hand operation is a cinch.Now that’s “INNOVATION”.No other smartphone can do this and it is a first.Once you’ve used it you’ll soon see what I mean,so smart so natural,I predict one will love it because of this trade mark feature.The only reason I was told that it will be made in a limited supply is to see how people will react to it,then the next release will be bigger in hardware performance and fitted out with the next generation applications that will in turn just get better like the S line and note line.I believe that’s called evolution..Im not going to go into depth about its hardware/specks.I’m sure all know by now what’s under the hood from all the tech sites that’s been constantly retweeting/writing about it,so what’s the point doing it now?.Im just giving you a glimpse on my short time experience with it.If any company does get recognized for fresh innovation then Samsung has to be given this award.Many will say “oh but it’s only a little they have done as far”,but forget how progressive Samsung have been,giving what people are after.Research and careful analysis is a true testament in forward thinking and development,this pays dividends in the market place.In other words strategic planing and common sense marketing is the order of the day.It pays to listen to the consumer,and most smart phone companies have done this but still struggle to keep up with trade mark features and applications which Samsung have developed and implemented into the smart phone market.”If ya can’t beat them then copy them”.Yes I know many have said Samsung copied patent ideas to,”from APPLE” but aren’t they doing the same now by introducing the 5’5inch 6 plus to ?,Mmm seems like some body beyond our time is tossing and turning in a 4’7 inch coffin.Sorry for being such a bad person with my thoughts but give and take I say,that’s all.

    Any way that’s my two bits or so.I do like the note edge and it does serve a purpose in today’s market for both the business man/woman in the workplace,boardroom,office but more importantly the small handed people like me.Until next time bye for now.Or if ya don’t like what I say/write comment as you wish that’s what the comment section is for.

  3. Today Oculus demonstrated how it is developing applications for the medical industry with state of the art 3D imagery/virtual reality to help patients suffering with serious conditions such strokes and heart related illnesses to understand what they are experiencing.Although new to the medical industry Oculus has been strongly associated with the gaming industry.This is the first step in further developing the VR head set outside the gaming line,and a very exciting time for Oculus because this type of technology will aid patients in recovery.Samsung has also come in to the picture with further developing its very own health application in the smart phone line and will feature as a selling point,with sight on the ever growing health conscious people in mind.There is speculation that Samsung is working closely with Oculus on this frontier to,to further develop and be in front of the smart phone competition in terms of self awareness for the individual.My contact stated that Oculus is on the verge of signing a agreement with Samsung so that the two companies will work closely to further develop this major segment that is now in demand.

    Time will only tell what marvelous applications that the two companies will bring to us,and be beneficial for both doctor and patient,especially with people living in remote or rural settings where travel can be the enemy for diagnosing any sort of medical condition which is life threatening.Skype will also be a major player with it helping to communicate and make critical decision making in case a paramedic is delayed longer than usual.Im sure you can see where all this is heading.Saving lives is the main out come.I’m waiting to hear more from my contacts on this developing story,so I will keep up to date and share much as I can when it happens.

  4. And you also forgot to say as a user experience the apps crash twice as much on ios than they do on Andoid. And ios 8 apps crash even more. This makes Android look really good for true multitasking with less app crashes than any apple device to date. Of course the fools who think that ios doesent crash anymore than android in the hundreds of pages of tests sites, are just that fools with very large blinkers!

    • Apps crash on Android? Not been my experience. But if that’s what you need to tell yourself to justify the costlier, inferior product, go for it.

      • Apps crash on iphone? Have had my current iphone 5 and can’t remember an app crashing….

        Isn’t kind of stupid to argue about SOFTWARE on an article talking about HARDWARE

        Isn’t also kind of stupid they made no mention of 64 vs 32 bit

    • but…but…it isn’t about specs, remember? lol

      Why is it that the 64-bit chip matters, but other specs such as quad-core processors don’t? You iSheep are really something…lol

      • love the “iSheep” comment. I have find it difficult to have a rational conversation with an Apple fan because “It’s just better.” beaman wants to say his 4 cylinder car is more powerful than an 8 cylinder car because it’s what Apple does with the engine, even though both OS have the same bells and whistles. There is never any reasoning with an Apple iSheep.

        • You people with your car comparisons just sounds ignorant. Bigger engines don’t equate faster or better. For example, a brand new Chevy Suburban, which has a new, powerful V8 engine would lose in a race, every time, to a Lotus Elise, which only has a 4 cylinder engine. Android OS is like the Suburban; it’s big and needs a lot of power to do what it was designed to do. iOS, however doesn’t need the same engine to perform better. That’s not to say Android doesn’t have its innovations, because it does, but you can’t compare V8’s to 4 cylinder cars and say you are comparing apples to apples. They operate differently. Would the iPhone 6 be able to run Android 4.4.2? Yeah, but likely not as well as the Note 3 or 4. But the iPhone isn’t running Android; it’s running iOS 8. It’s fast enough with the dual core, which is why it uses it. A quad core would just be a waste of processing power.

          • Why then does Apple need to include a motion coprocessor? The news from the last two weeks says that Apple included it to speed up the performance of the device.

            It turns out that dual-core processors aren’t enough, even for the iPhone 5s and now the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The question all comes down to, “Why add another processor if the dual-core does it all?”. This is what the author stated in her article. She’s dying to know the answer and I am as well.

          • Funny, but Apple once said that big screens were a waste of time and would ruin the great product Apple made…3.5 inches was the perfect size, then 4 inches. Now, lookie here — we have 4.7 and 5.5-inch screens!

            And this just goes to show how iSheep who buy into Apple’s lies will believe anything they’re told. I guess the whole tax evasion claim against Apple with the US Senate last summer and their current financial trouble with Europe is just all made up, too, right? lol

          • I believe John Force would like to have words with you. There isn’t a 4 cylinder in the world that can compare with the raw HP of a top fuel dragster.

            If your statement was true than why ever upgrade at all?

      • Love the “iSheep” comment. I find it difficult to have a rational conversation with an Apple fan because “It’s just better.” beaman wants to say his 4 cylinder car is more powerful than an 8 cylinder car because it’s what Apple does with the engine, even though both OS have the same bells and whistles. There is never any reasoning with an Apple iSheep.

        • Stephen, thank you for providing some insight into this discussion.

          It’s interesting how specs are brought up when iSheep believe it suits Apple, then dismiss specs when the specs are against Apple and the iPhone. Which is it? Do specs matter or not?

          You know that iSheep will do anything to put Apple on top, even if Apple’s iPhone provides a lackluster experience. When Apple provides an iPhone that has a quad-core processor with 2GB or 3GB of RAM, then we’ll see how it performs. Until then, the only people that will continue to be duped into buying iPhones are those who’ve bought into the lie that “specs don’t matter.”

          Glad the author of this article has more common sense than the pro-Apple sites I read on a regular basis.

  5. Wow, this article is a joke. A display testing company has ruled that the iPhone 6 Plus display is the best one on a smartphone at this time. Same thing with the camera. I came across this site from Google on my HTC. Never before I have seen such a biased site. What a joke. I’m guessing this was written back when Samsung was found guilty of paying students to write bad reviews of competitor’s phones?

      • The display test I read said the note 4 had the best display on the market. I’m pretty sure the higher res Amoled screen will beat the iPhone.

    • May be you missed out PPI counts my friend, just compare and feel the pain. I know you cant differentiate any of them but it matters.

      Secondly apple can never beat samsung on screens with IPS technology, AMOLED is untouchable and awesome to watch. IPS is good with touch technology which apple is well at but trust me not so good to watch media.

      • ppi means nothing beyond 6″ from your eyes. Any educated person knows that. I feel no pain because this article is horribly biased and lacks any sort of scientific justification. But that’s OK, people like you will continue to think that higher specs automatically equates to better. It’s actually very humorous.

        • It is about giving you the best screen with the amount they charge to your wallet, if they give you better PPI, RAM- it might last few generations.
          I am sure everyone is biased in one or the other way. Hence apple need to open up their iOS more for customization, give high end specs, which beats both comparison tables and performance for few years not months.
          Higher spec definitely equates to better high end device, same as the car engine, even kids will get it without an argument.
          Trust me I am an Apple fan boy and hence criticise them this hard. Tim cook lakes the vision that Steve had and they are only heading to dead end.
          AMOLED wins in any case, you have to use it to do an argument. I have used both vigorously.
          We can go on and on my friend gently, no need to be rude. No one is people and everyone is a human being with different thinkings. Need to respect it. Cheers 🙂

        • No scientific justificatIon? The writer includes specifications between the two handsets. What do you want? “pics or it didn’t happen” ?

          • Specs mean nothing genius. Look up benchmarks for yourself and explain why a phone with “double the power” still falls behind the 6 Plus. I will wait for SamsungFTW to make some stupid comment after this post. I’m guessing you’re one of the people Samsung pays to write reviews for them.

        • The only thing that is humorous is you are such a fanboy that Apple could sell you a turd with a logo on it and you will proclaim your love and devotion to it.

          NOTHING will convince you people. Which makes me ask…why are you here in the first place?

          • Hahahahaha, superlike to above comment “The apple Turd”. Apple is the religion, isn’t it. We have got one more thing, “it bends”…….. Fukk you Tim, you need someone like Steve to sack you… I was on gs4 but ordered Note 3 and Oh boy, it does not want to bend at all, benchmarking was outdone to girlfriends 5s which i bought just before they freaking released 6 and 6+ with shitty price tags…

    • I’ve read a couple of biased pro-Apple articles, but they don’t use facts or statistics to backup their opinions; instead, they use very subjective language that sounds like propoganda written by a state-run newspaper. “We’re just better” isn’t very convincing.

    • I think you’re the joke.

      Actually, let me educate you a little: the iPhone 6 Plus display was found to provide the best LCD display on the planet, not the best AMOLED screen.

      And, in the overall test, Samsung still won against Apple for its Super AMOLED display. Turns out that your comment is a joke. I only responded to educate dimwits like you.

  6. No doubt apple will be in a Catch up game for a while, all because of steve is gone, it is the biggest gap to the vision and drive to Apple’s success.

    Since iphone 5s, i have moved to samsung because cant have expensive phone out dated every 6 months with apple. Then new iOS always makes your 2 generation older phone work like piece of sh*t.

    But now when i miss apple, i just put my sammy on a Kids mode, which reminds me iOS. So that is basically how i see iOS these days against Android. Android with Note line up is like, i now hardly sit on my PCs, apps let you manage everything on 5.5-5.7″ screen so much easily. And truly, with a table comparing spec, can’t justify how Samsung beats apple in this category badly. Apple fan, being one, it is a but-hurt but have to suck it up. They need to grow a lot, a lot, means a lot. They need a pro level iPad which can compete with Surface pro 3, which is the power house. Come on, move on from making delicate same spec inferior products, just go for high end spec with free customization options for all as everyone is becoming little tech savy and they need to customize what they use daily, which is different. Everyone is different, needs to customize their handheld devices the way they think, work and adapt.

  7. Thanks for sharing this information.

    Unfortunately, it’s not the author that’s responsible for calling it a motion coprocessor; that can be attributed to Apple, who dubbed it a “coprocessor” at the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus announcement.

    Apple’s been known in the past for providing misleading or rather false statements (such as the fact that the eye can only distinguish 300ppi, while it creates iPhones that run 326ppi and now, around 400ppi). If the pixel density can’t be seen, then how can such pixel densities be created in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus displays?

    It just goes to show that Apple is, once again, deceiving customers. And why are people still buying the iPhone?

    • Are you being serious or are you just stupid? So now we can’t make things that people can’t see? Have you ever heard of atoms? Yup, we can create those and can’t see them. God, you’re retarded. Enjoy using a company that continues to see declining sales due to “saturation”

  8. Lol you guys are all childish arguing about phones.. They both do the same s#!t!!! Just get what you like and move on with your lives.. Stupid apple and android fanboys..

  9. I love all the apple fanboy rage in this thread.
    When will you people realize that standing so proud next to a brand is pure stupidity and only empowers these anti consumer companies to continue to dictate to you.

    There is NO comparing these 2 devices as if we are splitting hairs. Note 4 wins period blank. To argue that is creepy. Seriously, stop and look at what you are doing. There is no doubt that Apple make fine quality devices, are they the BEST in raw horsepower…NO, absolutely not. Apply products are made to be simple and approachable, they just work. This is why they are so mainstream.

    Most of you here crying came because you wanted to see how the 2 devices stack up…as any smart consumer would who is about to invest time and money into a purchase. What is odd is that when shown the specs in a direct comparison you are so incensed that you throw a fit as if Apple was your fathers company. Stop the fanboyism, Just stop.
    If Apple makes a better device I will buy it, if Samsung does, I will it.
    Most users really don’t need the raw horsepower anyway. I do, I work as a graphic artist and salesman in the sign industry. The Note 4 with its stylus gives me the ability to meet with a client to go over signage and location with just my phone and tape measure…no need to carry a pen and paper anymore. The 16mp camera takes large pictures that I can scale up to full size for whatever design I am doing without losing much resolution. Not having a stylus is a deal breaker for me regarding the iphone. Plus I am a hardcore PC gamer and procurer of *ahem* data, so I prefer open platforms. For an average user, Apple integration is awesome and is the way to go…but for those of us that want openess and freedom (not to mention raw horsepower) Apple is not the way to go, for now.

  10. This guy isn’t even being objective what the fuck kinda website is this you fan boys just need to go to consumer reports or cnet this guy doesn’t even mention that the note 4 is a plastic piece of shit lmao

  11. I will just respond to everyone at one time who thinks that Samsung is the best. Look at Samsung Mobile’s sales over the past year. Down and down they go. My favorite is that they blame market saturation. Ha! Apple is on track to sell 20 million iPhones by the end of the year. I guess whatever Samsung needs to tell themselves for making phones people don’t want.

  12. Oh my I usually don’t like to chime in to discussion like this with all the name calling and arrogance as well as ignorance floating around. Wow you guys are fanatics lol. But I will give my own 2 cents.

    The note 4 is an incredible device. I liken it more for its S-pen Utilization and some of its apps. Now regarding Apples implementation of its devices, its hard to compare with an Android Device. Specs do matter however, how well software is implemented into its underlying hardware also matters and usually produces more optimal results in comparison i.e. (IPHONE 6, 6 plus).

    Both Android and Apple use distinctly different implementations of hardware. Android’s software implementation requires more power and specs to produce its most suitable working conditions versus apple which uses a more optimal strategy. To quote, an extract from another article online and you can google it if you choose, “A8 is a custom job, built and optimized specifically for Apple products and iOS”.

    You have to know that apple is a very reputable company that makes hardware and software. For example MAC BOOKS, have always been the standard for laptops and PC’S. And this was all long before the Apple, and GOOGLE android war existed. How many reading this have tried to use a samsung laptop. it’s crappy at best. Just something to think about. And “Hopefully you guys do remember, Google execs sat on Apples board of directors during the emergence of the original iphone long before Android existed” and much of the ideas were burrowed from Apple. So the whole copying thing was pretty much handed down from Google. .

    I mean I’ve used MS product for years, I have had all kinds of virus attacks, lost lots of files and projects worth thousands to bugs and just really shitty software issues.

    In the field of Multi-Media (FILM, PHOTOGRAPHY, AUDIO, GRAPHICS, etc) Apple’s macs have always been the favored devices. The industry standard for instance in music creation and photography are macs. Period. And as you can see IPHONES are closely related to their bigger siblings.

    I do like Android. I’m a fan of technology, I can’t wait for the Note edge for instance, I like the extra screen on it, I think its pretty novel and I have a note 3 and my daughter has an android tablet. But I also have a mac book, ipad, iphone and canon DSLR’S (5dMarkiii, 7d). Basically i’m neither an ISHEEP and Fandroid. I just like quality stuff.

    Being a photographer, DJ, Cinematographer and Producer. I have a 50 thousand dollar studio. Most of my peers in the industry all use Apple products.

    Applications emulating the popular MPC drum machine and lots of other hardware industry standard devices are being implemented on IOS and not on Android.

    Reason for that is “Fragmentation”. Thousands of different flavors of android hardware, in different shapes, and sizes, and configuration, and different iterations of the most recent Android OS’s are floating around. It’ll be almost impossible to develop a core wide accessory to couple the devices to certain Hardware’s. This leaves development for such industries trying to implement certain applications very hard and nearly impossible. That’s why Apple has a monopoly in that sector. Of course this only applies to the truly hard core users. Both Android and Apple have there place in the technology space.

    Even though there’s serious fragmentation in the Android scene it has its place. For instance when taking a trip to Jamaica, I had several relatives begging for tablets. I went to bestbuy and could find tablets for $39, they worked and did just as well as the $229 Android tablets. See that’s an advantage. Android gives you choices. I would only buy a stranger, or family member an android. An Apple device I have to reserve that for my own use, due to its cost and more importance to me in my daily use.

    Both platforms have their uses. IPHONES have pretty much the same button configuration and are standard, so its quite easy to develop these applications for them. When I started using my daughters Samsung tablet, I couldn’t find the really important apps i needed to interface with my gear to do a gig. Reason for this is because its not made for it. As in implemented on Android. If I need cool customization and widgets and specs the blows off any geeks imagination i’ll get an android. Bench Marks usually speak a different story though. So Specs aren’t always a true gauge of a good device.

    For me my iproducts are being used productively for real life situations. Android has its place in the market as well, but honestly they both cater to a different crowd. To say android is better is not even a matter of taste but a matter of how you use it. Android can not be used like Iproducts for those who really use their IPRODUCTS and Iproducts can’t be used like Android devices.

    So for me I prefer Apples ecosystem. It just works for me. So I would definitely use an iphone 6 plus over a note 4. Android specs are always through the roof and that’s what it needs to be able to run its hardware. So that’s just my 2 cent. And the internal architecture of android devices and Apple devices are pretty distinct as well. If you’re into how these different hardward components operate you’d understand what I mean. For instance you can’t compare an inline 5 to V6. Yeah the 6 number is higher than the 5, but that doesn’t always mean its faster. To quote specs is one thing but to understand how well the hardware and software work together is something totally different.

    And yeah for anyone who has read this and decided to correct or critic any of my language or sentence structure, honestly it’s not that serious. I wrote this on my phone, and this is not a school paper lol…but blessings to both Android and Apple lovers.


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