Apple announced the iPhone 6 in the usual pomp and circumstance fashion on Tuesday, with many iPhone fans in the audience to which Tim Cook showcased Apple’s latest and greatest products.

If you’re an iPhone fan or an ardent Apple follower, you would’ve thought that Apple’s new products were the stunning beauties of the last twenty years on Tuesday. Unfortunately, there’re others in the world who watched the same presentation as Apple fans and had a different conviction altogether: that is, one in which it seems as though “The Mighty” (Apple) has fallen.

First and foremost, the Apple presentation was about the iPhone going bigger with a wider display than it’s showcased in years past. As Apple said in letters that surfaced during the recent Apple-Samsung trial, Apple realized that “customers want what we don’t have” some years ago. At the same time, Apple presentations over the last few years have said that 5-inch displays were too big to hold in the hand, that Apple wouldn’t pursue these larger displays because it would sacrifice Apple’s commitment to excellence to produce a large phone without the beauty and functionality of Apple devices.

Of course, this gives no answer to customers as to why it took Apple so long to launch wider displays – but it does show that Samsung went with larger displays on its devices, setting the trend for all of Android and even Apple to follow. Some have said that Apple sets trends, but it seems as if Apple chose to remain behind in this area for its own personal reasons. With that said, Samsung didn’t create wider displays, but the company did start the trend to which the iPhone 6 owes its presence.

The same can be said for the Apple Watch. While some hail it as an Apple innovation, we really owe it to whoever coined the term “iWatch” (Apple should’ve gone with the popular name) and whoever started the rumor and proposed the idea to give some commendation for being forward-thinking. The Apple Watch wasn’t an idea proposed by Apple behind closed doors, but an idea that made its way through the tech media. And yet, Samsung led the way in creating the first major smartwatch to have some sort of modern adoption.

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Although some may say that the Galaxy Gear was half-baked out of the gate, it paved the way for the Gear S – Samsung’s latest smartwatch that is the force to beat when it comes to smartwatch functionality. Apple is officially one year behind with the launch of its smartwatch, which has given Samsung a chance to take on Apple’s mesmerizing iPad gaming experience with its Gear VR virtual reality headset.

NFC, one of the major announcements with the iPhone 6, is a feature that has been present on Android devices for years. Sure, Apple’s 800 million accounts may make the idea widespread, but how can Apple revolutionize in this area? How many ways can a manufacturer revolutionize NFC? The word “revolutionize” has been applied to Apple because of its NFC announcement, but trying to revolutionize NFC is as possible as revolutionizing automobiles. NFC allows wireless payments, but this is a basic payment method that has existed long before Apple’s adoption of the technology. Apple’s adoption of NFC may bring it mainstream, but credit must be given where it’s due – to Google and other Android manufacturers who have long paved the way in this area.

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While the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch are sure to please customers who’re committed to Apple, the company spent this year, as it’s done the last three years, catching up to Android and Windows manufacturers. Unfortunately, giving the iPhone 6 a larger screen and bumping up the screen resolution (while providing little help in the area of battery life) doesn’t count as innovation – nor does it count as “catching up” to its rivals. Here’s to hoping Apple finally hears the complaints of customers on battery life next year, without another three-year wait.


  1. Another one of those “Apple Doomed” articles that make no sense! Sorry – I just skimmed over the article for all of ten seconds and knew all the author had to say; which is nothing but a sorry rant!!!

  2. I think it’s true, they are falling. They’re just too slow to the punch.

    iPhone 6 – mediocre, still ages behind some of the technology used by others.
    Apple Watch – failure, useless crap no one wants except a few die hards.
    Siri – useless.
    Mac OS X is outdated compared to Windows 10, their inclusive apps are only used by teenagers.
    They haven’t significantly updated the Macbook Air in 5 years, this was a key playing chip of theirs. They’ve let it slip.
    The new Macbook is an expensive email and surfing machine for first time computer users.
    iTunes and Apple Music is a disaster.


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