On Thursday, Google announced that they had finalized a deal to buy the social polling startup Polar.

Though details of the deal were not made available, the announcement came via Google+. Making large-scale announcements via Google+ has become common, however, was ultra-fitting for this acquisition, as Google plans to utilize Polar in an effort to shore up their deflating Google+ platform.

Polar founder Luke Wroblewski and its entire team were maintained and brought onto Google’s staff.

In a statement issued by Google+ VP of Engineering, Dave Besbris said the company was “thrilled to welcome Luke Wroblewski and the talented Polar team to Google.”

Luke Wroblewski has a proven track record in the technology space for being a part of major acquisitions, and sales. He cofounded Bagcheck, which was acquired by Twitter in 2011.

However, this acquisition is much more about design than functionality. Having served as Yahoo’s Chief Design Architect, this move is to solve the growing concern over simplifying, and making Google+’s user interface more effective while simultaneously creating a product that can work long-term.

Polar though said that they would keep their mainframe operation intact, at least through the end of the year. The Polar App, for example, which allows users to create quick, and customizable polls will run through the end of this calendar year.

Most of Google’s acquisitions though are to benefit Google, and not benefit the acquired company. However, no official word yet has been noted yet regarding the future of Polar. A look at Google’s track record though would indicate that Polar will effectively stop existing – at least in the way their users are familiar with – at the end of 2014 for good.

However, after many questions about Google+ and with the stepping down of Vic Gundotra it would appear as though Google is taking steps in the right direction to solidifying, or at the very least correcting – long standing issues with Google+ as a provider, as well as a brand.