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Apple left Samsung behind again sold record 4 million in 24 hours


It was a big weekend for Apple.

While the tech industry has been abuzz over the new iPhone 6, and larger iPhone 6 Plus, many Android users have cried that “they did it first,” and rightfully so, because they did.

The Galaxy S5 certainly isn’t an iPhone when it comes to preorder sales, or launch day sales, but they did have one thing right. Everyone loves a bigger screen.

That’s why this weekend’s results are the much more of a crushing blow to Samsung. While they began making smartphones larger years ago, and Apple refused on belief that “size doesn’t matter,” Samsung, and many others were merely preparing the market for what Tim Cook referred to as “the mother of all upgrades.”

In the first 24 hours of sales, Apple sold a staggering 4 million devices, nearly doubling a record they created themselves, two years ago with their iPhone 5 release.

A bigger screen and bigger options mean more sales for Apple – as the company even outpaced their own expectations. In a statement released by Apple Monday, some customers will not receive their preordered devices until as late as October.

To further the trouble for Samsung, their S5 device was consistently outsold over the summer by Apple’s significantly older, and less flashy 5S device.


However, Android did have at least something to hang their hat on over the weekend. As mentioned, Apples explosive sales numbers are largely contributed to Androids continued assertion that screen size truly does matter to the user.
Apple suggested in a press release Monday that the larger iPhone 6 Plus, was the first device to sell out, and it wasn’t until later that the iPhone 6 sold out.

While Samsung and Android have their loyal customers, they are still not anywhere near competing with Apple, or iPhone. Samsung releases are regularly quiet days in stores, while Apple launches are consistently top of the line, excitement-bringing, spectacles.

Some carrier websites even had a difficult time handling the massive influx of traffic to their websites, citing that in some instances – the site crashed temporarily.

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This though is just further proof that the market doesn’t care nearly as much who is first to the party, and that the focus is much more driven toward who will offer the best experience.

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