When news doesn’t come officially, it comes out as a rumor. But we found something more than rumors about Windows 9 codenamed “Threshold” last week.

If you’ve been keeping eyes on Windows development since BUILD 2014 conference, you may know that Microsoft has been hard at work for “Threshold,” the merger of Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1/RT 8.1.

This past weekend, the German site WinFuture.de published two more videos showing Windows 9’s Virtual Desktops and Notifications features in action.

Windows 9 aka “Threshold” Build 9834: Notifications, Virtual Desktops, Start Menu, Window-ed Apps

The first video shows how you could benefits Windows’ virtual desktops feature. An icon is placed next to search function on the Taskbar, which gives an “Add a desktop” button letting you add multiple workspaces like OS X and Linux. However, there’s no sign of the maximum number of virtual desktops, but it seems higher than OX S and Linux desktop environments, GNOME and KDE.

It also provides an easy access to different workspaces and lets you navigate through them – a lot like Taskbar’s thumbnails – to find, close or open up a particular application.

Besides, the second video demos Notification Center that manages system notifications and alerts from different apps. The development we see in the leaked video is quite mediocre and lacks actionable notifications. But you get the idea how it does work.


There are other things in there – Storage Sense that will provide you with additional actions to free up space, such as uninstalling apps, and deleting downloaded files unlike Disk Space in Windows 8.1.


Apart from this, the German site has also revealed that a number of registry keys hinting the arrival of Wi-Fi Sense to Windows 9. Likewise Windows Phone 8.1 version, it will help you to connect open Wi-Fi networks and share your Wi-Fi credentials within your contacts over a secure connection.

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