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Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S5: Spec Shootout

This spec shootout will take a look at Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus, the company’s widest display, brightest screen resolution, and largest battery size that’s ever been released from Cupertino over the last seven years. According to early results, the iPhone 6 Plus has sold out at Apple’s website – a testimony that the company couldn’t have released its latest phone too soon.

In the other corner stands the Samsung Galaxy S5, a smartphone that is present in every high-end smartphone discussion among Android users and iOS users alike. The Galaxy S5 has had its critics, but with its two Power Saving modes, incredible battery life, vivid Full HD display and its international award-winning 16MP ISOCELL camera, the Galaxy S5 is definitely in the top three Android smartphones of 2014.

Apple decided to “do a Samsung” and go bigger this year, but can Apple’s largest and most prestigious iPhone to date de-throne Samsung’s latest and greatest? We’re about to find out.


The iPhone 6 Plus features a 5.5-inch, liquid crystal display (or LCD screen) that has a Full HD screen resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. The Galaxy S5 also features a Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080p) but has a 5.1-inch, Super AMOLED display.

Both the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy S5 have Full HD resolutions, so you’ll likely get a vivid color experience regardless of which device you choose. The iPhone 6 Plus does’ve a wider display, however, so you’ll get more screen real estate if you go with Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. Where you sit on display sizes may determine, however, that you pick up the Galaxy S5. Some of our Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3 users here at Inferse prefer the screen real estate of the Note 3, but the feel of the 5.1-inch Galaxy S5 seems to be the sweet spot for one-handed use.

The iPhone 6 Plus has the wider display, but the Galaxy S5 matches the iPhone 6 Plus in its Full HD screen resolution and utilizes Samsung’s unique AMOLED display technology that has various benefits (we’ll discuss these in the battery comparison). Still, wider displays are better to some, so we’ll give the win here to the iPhone 6 Plus.


The Galaxy S5 utilizes a quad-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor while the iPhone 6 Plus runs a dual-core A8 processor alongside of an M8 motion coprocessor that uploads fitness tracking and gaming data to apps for quick use.

While quad-core processors have at least two cores operating simultaneously, most quad-core processors don’t have all four cores running at once – which means that quad-core processors aren’t always effective all the time, especially if you’re involved in heaving gaming. On the other hand, Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus utilizes not only a dual-core processor that may not run both cores at once, but Apple’s M8 motion coprocessor can operate along with one of the A8 processor’s two cores – providing an experience comparable to two processors rather than a dual-core or tri-core experience.

A number of tech reviews in the online world have ranked the iPhone performance above that of the majority of Android manufacturers because of the speed of Apple devices. It is the addition of a second processor, rather than a reliance on one processor with individual cores, that makes the difference in speed.

A quad-core device is better suited for multitasking, but a dual-core + M8 motion processor will perform faster – especially in the iOS experience that, as Microsoft’s pointed out in its Surface Tab commercials, doesn’t perform multitasking very well and only features 1GB of random access memory. It’s been rumored that Apple looks to bring split-screen multitasking to iOS 8, but the company’s failure to announce this feature has many wondering if Apple simply couldn’t pull it off with iOS 8.

The processor category, thus, is a tie: while some prefer the speed of Apple’s A8 and M8 processors, others prefer the quad-core juice of Android in the Galaxy S5 experience that makes multitasking a breeze. Having 2GB of RAM in the Galaxy S5 sure does make computer tasks possible with Samsung’s most popular Galaxy smartphone. The choice is up to you, but if you ask us, it’s not a challenge to have a speedy phone when there’s little software to fill it. Android smartphones such as the Galaxy S5 may be slower, but some prefer Android’s functionality to iOS.

Battery and Battery Life

The iPhone 6 Plus has a battery size of 2,915mAh, while the Galaxy S5 has a battery size of 2,800mAh.

You would think that, with Apple’s larger battery in the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple’s battery life would surpass that of Samsung’s. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Apple said at the iPhone 6 announcement that the iPhone 6 Plus provides only 12 hours of web browsing (LTE, 3G, and Wi-Fi browsing). As opposed to the 12-hour battery life of the iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 provides at least 27 hours of battery life with moderate usage, slightly over a day for many users.

Even with Samsung’s 27-hour battery life in the Galaxy S5, Samsung’s own Power Saving and Ultra Power Saving modes extend your battery life to as much as 6-7 days (up to 12.5 days) with varying usage. There’ve been a number of iPhone users who claim that they can get up to 2 days of use out of a single charge, but the iPhone 6 Plus is extremely unlikely to get above 2 days (and even 2 days seems miraculous for an iPhone experience).

The problem with Apple is that its iPhone 6 Plus uses a backlight to power the display. Although Apple calls it an “ultrathin backlight,” backlights still drain power from the display. Samsung’s Galaxy S5, however, utilizes a light-emitting display in which the display itself contains all the light necessary for viewing – without the additional backlight as with the iPhone 6 Plus. The use of AMOLED displays has helped Samsung’s devices cut down battery drain and improve battery life. This explains why Apple’s larger battery still ends up with smaller battery life and performance than that of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Here is where Samsung’s “Wall Hugger” commercial comes back to haunt Cupertino: if you purchase the new iPhone 6 Plus, the bigger battery won’t prove to be of any more help than the small battery-sized iPhone 5s. The bigger screen in the iPhone 6 Plus brings an even bigger sacrifice in the form of significant battery life. iPhone users have said, like Apple, that “specs don’t matter,” but it couldn’t be any better seen than in the comparison of the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy S5 battery sizes and battery life.


The Galaxy S5 features Samsung’s own 16MP ISOCELL camera, one that camera tester DxOMark has labeled the top smartphone in the world for its crisp, clear images and top-notch digital zoom. In contrast, Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus sticks with the same 8MP camera that’s been in iOS since the iPhone 4S.


Even if Apple’s 8MP camera does have improved lighting, a faster autofocus with its new Phase Detection Autofocus, as well as crisper and clearer images, Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus camera won’t match the sharp, crisp, and clear attention to detail of Samsung’s 16MP Galaxy S5 camera.

Memory and Price

We’ve discussed random access memory (or RAM), but we’ve not yet gotten into the memory storage local to both devices. The iPhone 6 Plus comes in 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB configurations. Apple eliminated the 32GB configuration while keeping the 16GB configuration, but doubled the amount of storage one can get for the intermediate price (64GB instead of 32GB) while adding a 128GB memory storage model for the first time. The iPhone 6 Plus now costs $299 (16GB), $399 (64GB), and $499 (128GB) with a two-year agreement. Off-contract, the iPhone 6 Plus costs $800 (16GB), $900 (64GB), and $1000 (128GB).

The Galaxy S5, in contrast, comes with 16GB ($199) or 32GB ($299) but also features Samsung’s tried-and-true microSD card slot that provides an additional 128GB of additional memory storage (for a total of 144GB). With that said, most Galaxy S5 users can purchase the 16GB base model but still end up with 144GB of memory storage. A 128GB microSD card costs approximately $100, so users can pay a total of $700 for 144GB of memory storage ($600 for the GS5 plus $100 for the microSD card). In contrast, iPhone 6 Plus users must pay $499 up-front and $1000 over the life of their two-year contract (or $1000 outright) to get anywhere near the storage that Samsung offers its users (128GB).

In short, Galaxy S5 users can get the base model, add another $100 with 128GB of memory, and still save $300 more than iPhone 6 Plus users. Additionally, the iPhone 6 Plus lacks a microSD card slot that would allow expandable storage and the chance to access your photos without an Internet connection (which iCloud doesn’t allow, unfortunately). Considering the iCloud celebrity breach as of late, you may not want to put any faith at all in Apple’s cloud storage.

Those who buy the iPhone 6 Plus will pay $800 for just 16GB of memory storage, while Galaxy S5 users will pay $100 less but have 9 times the amount of memory storage (144GB vs. 16GB, respectively) than the iPhone 6 Plus has. On-contract, Galaxy S5 users will pay $199 for 16GB +128GB microSD storage while iPhone 6 Plus users will pay $299 for the 16GB model with no expandable memory storage. In short, when it comes to more for your money, the Galaxy S5 has a value that the iPhone 6 Plus can’t touch.

The memory and price round goes to Samsung and the Galaxy S5, and Samsung wins this round without a fight.


The iPhone 6 was rumored to have water and dust resistance, but Apple didn’t announce these features as part of the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus experience. What this means is that, should you drop your phone in water, it’ll likely die and is a lot less likely to survive water plunges.

The Galaxy S5, on the other hand, provides IP67 water and dust resistance so that you can submerge your Galaxy S5 under 3 feet of water for 30 minutes. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has been thrown into jean pockets and placed in washers and dryers, and has been thrown under 3 feet of water and left for an hour (but still works well afterward). Some tests have said that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 actually has IP68 water and dust resistance and can last up to an hour under 3 feet of water, but Samsung played it safe with its claim.


When it comes to an element-resistant experience, the Galaxy S5 will outlast the iPhone 6 Plus every time. The Galaxy S5’s water and dust resistance is one more feature that makes the Galaxy S5 a far more compelling buy.


We here at Inferse love having these spec shootouts that pit the top devices of the smartphone world against one another. We think that specs are important and that users should at least examine the differences before making a bad investment that may be accompanied by 2 years (or more) of regret.

Apple wanted to nail the larger screen for its users and seemed to accomplish that this year, but Apple’s display (and greater price tag) with 16GB of local memory storage makes the iPhone 6 Plus an exorbitant buy with no real win for the consumer. Some say that iOS is the reason why an individual would buy the iPhone 6 Plus over the Galaxy S5, but Android’s increased and superior functionality doesn’t justify someone who would pay $800 to get a basic smartphone because “Apple does it better” they may say.

The Galaxy S5’s expandable memory storage versus the iPhone 6 Plus’s non-expandable memory storage, the Galaxy S5’s water and dust resistance versus the water and dust risk of the iPhone 6 Plus, the Galaxy S5’s 16MP camera versus the iPhone 6 Plus’s 8MP camera that’s now four years old, the Galaxy S5’s 27-hour battery life and Power and Ultra Power Saving Modes versus the 12-hour battery life of the iPhone 6 Plus sans battery-saving modes, and Samsung’s multitasking capabilities with its quad-core processor versus the two-processor layout of iOS that is very underdeveloped with regard to multitasking makes the Galaxy S5 the clear winner of this contest.

In the end, it turns out that, contra Apple’s belief, Android users are committed to Samsung and other OEMs for more reasons than just larger displays.

Key Specifications:

Features iPhone 6 Plus Samsung Galaxy S5
Processor A8 chip with 64-bit architecture, M8 motion coprocessor 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core
Main Memory 1GB of RAM 2GB of RAM,
Display 5.5-inch Retina HD with IPS technology (1920 x 1980 pixels at 401 ppi) 5.1-inch 1920x1080p Super AMOLED, 432ppi
Storage 16GB, 64GB and 128 GB 16/32GB internal storage expandable up to 128GB
Camera 8MP iSight camera with Focus Pixels, True Tone flash and OIS, and 1.2MP front-facing sensor 16MP rear, 2.1MP front
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n, 3G, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0 GPS, NFC Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, 4G, IR Blaster, USB 3.0
Dimensions 158.1 mm x 77.8 mm x 7.1 mm 142.0 x 72.5 x 8.1mm
Weight 172 grams 145 grams
OS iOS 8 Android 4.4.2
Colors Silver, Gold, and Space Gray Frost White, Charcoal Black, Bronze Gold, Blossom Pink
Water and dust resistance None IP67 dust and water resistance
Deidre Richardson is a tech enthusiast who loves to cover the latest news on smartphones, tablets, and mobile gadgets. A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (B.A, History/Music), you can always find her rocking her Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and LG Nexus 5 on a regular basis.


      • Sorry if you put shitty software on the top of the best hardware in the world -you still end up with shitty experience. The same was true for mac vs pc. The same is true for corvette vs porsche 911. Specs do NOT matter. Samsung wastes this great hardware on software that still cant get you scrolling as smooth as iphone 1st generation. So what is it there for? Because there are stupid people out therr who get their smattphone based of specs alone. Never caring about OS that is always slow and always crashing. Just like windows. You can put windows on best hardware – it will still be frustrating experience. And of course ‘ customer care’ to match… very little people buy into weak products based on specs alone nit caring about anything else — because this would be dumb!

  1. Why are you guys comparing the S5 to the 6 plus? That makes no sense. The competitor for the S5 is the iPhone 6.The competitor to the 6 plus is the Note 4.

    • I was thinking the same thing but reading this made me think differently. The S5 seems a better comparison because it’s a mainstream phone where the Note is a niche product. I didn’t know the camera and battery on the S5 were so highly regarded. The Note is just a different kind of beast. It’s in a league of it’s own but even it probably compete with the S5 in some ways.

    • Ya that’s really true, the note 4 is meant to be compared to the iPhone 6 plus, but either way, even the past gen s5 still kills the iPhone even tho its not a fair comparison

  2. lol this isn’t even close…the iphone6 compares to some 1 or 2 year old android phones at best…what a joke….it really is true that Apple sheep herd easily..just jump off the cliff all together now.

  3. This article is very biased. As one example, you compared the iPhone 6 Plus’ 12 hour “web browsing” battery life to the S5’s “Voice” battery life. I own the S5 and it Does Not have a 27 hour web browsing battery life. I kill the thing every day web browsing. It’s slowness doing a single thing, anything, on power saving mode makes it annoying to use. I also have to tape over the bottom to cover up the annoying buttons right where you try to hold it. I’m going back to try the iPhone again so I can hold it, use it, and it actually does what I want it to, for the same battery life.

        • Dude i don’t need to own one to know. See I have something you may not have. It’s called FRIENDS. Friends who gave up their I-phone 5S for the Galaxy 5 and the Galaxy Note II. The IP 6 is just catching up to the Note II and the Note 4 hits the streets on Oct 17

          • Irrelevant. I gave up the 5s for the S5 to get the larger screen. That’s irrelevant to falsely implying that the S5 can web browse for 27 hours in this article when it can’t. Irrelevant to all Galaxies having touch buttons in the corners where you hold it so that they get pressed when you don’t want them to. Irrelevant to the S5 only connecting to the Pebble half the time while the iPhone stays connected to it all the time. The 5s was useless because it was too small. This article isn’t comparing the 5s to anything.

          • Yes, and people who don’t use their phones much have great battery life too. Irrelevant. My post is my opinion based on how I use it.

          • Thanks, I appreciate your support. I rather enjoy buying and trying every new phone, so it can’t go wrong. Either I’ll Iike the 6 Plus better, or I’ll switch again to to the Note 4 after that comes out and get an even larger screen.

          • I don’t own an S5 but I can relate to some of the issues involving quality. I would certainly trust Apple to bring consistent quality over Samsung. I’ve owned all 3 Notes and quality and attention to detail is a typical complaint that I have with Samsung. Sammy is about quantity for me. I need the features. Not much point in having quality the functionality is missing and it’s definitely missing with iOS devices.

          • Honestly the pebble is kinda crap now it was good when it came out but I have the galaxy gear 2 neo and have had no issues. I have not had issues with the buttons either like ever at all so I don’t know where that’s coming from. By the way turn on power saver and turn down your brightness to 35% I guarantee you’ll get 20 hours at least.

          • Lol well said, I agree.
            I have the GALAXY S5 and literally all my friends at work either switched their iPhones and got one or constantly tell me they really want one (and how much they hate their Iphone)

          • Exactly same thing happened to me. Just got my Galaxy S5 and almost EVERYONE at work owns iphones. They saw my Galaxy and they all are like “ooh and ahh” over my phone. Tey are sharing recharge cables even!(Wall huggers). I will never get an iphone!

          • You bring up a goo d point about charging phones. Notice that one can use the same mini USB plug to charge any Android or Window phones but not the I-Phone or I-Pad. Apple even changed their own power port on the IP 5 so you can’t use a charger from the IP 4 down. Apple follows the WWE analogy “it’s best for business.”

    • My s5 lasts forever. Though I use the task manager to close things and I don’t let useless backround processes run. If you set it up right it’ll last. I’m at 21% and I took it off the charger 28 hours ago.

    • You must have a very faulty S5. Mine is never slow and I constantly have it on power saving mode. I push it to the limit with apps and it still runs nicely. My battery life is incredible. While I agree it doesn’t last 27 hours, it all depends on how much and how you use the phone. I never browse for 27 hours straight and I doubt you do either. If I Web browse its for a short while and usually while listening to music and switching through other apps. Sometimes downloading a file, a picture, saving an article I like in Pocket or Evernote. Writing notes here and there, sometimes I have music playing through my Bluetooth speakers while I do all this. Sometimes I browse the Web while streaming a movie from my phone to my Xbox One like I’m doing right now. Having the brightness full blast, Bluetooth, Web browsing, running multiple apps at once, playing demanding games, etc. Will take a toll on any phone. I use mine constantly and it still survives at the very least a day, but another beauty of the S5 is that I can switch out the battery for a fresh one when I’m running low. I never worry about my phone dying on me. I have experienced iphone and the Galaxy S5, Apple just isn’t ahead of the game anymore, and some people can’t let it go.

      • The Android and Windows phones have Touch buttons on the right and left side of the center button which get pressed when I hold the phone with one hand and reach over with my thumb. The corners are free of touch buttons on the iPhone 6. There is only a center physical button that doesn’t not press itself every time your skin is near it.

    • Try adding a card that is very fast and you won’t worry about it. Used to own iPhone went to androids HTC desire Sony Z1 and Samsung s4 back to iPhone to try. Realised that try sent me back to android HTC one now I’m happy again. Although I’m thinking S5 or Z3 since I’m horrible with my phones as I drop them all the time and I’m a heavy heavy user in my line of work.

  4. LOL @ fixmdude….this is the 3rd article I’ve read on 3 different sites that all give the edge to Samsung and on every one there is someone saying the writer or the article is biased or the writer is a fanboy of Samsung. If you’re having problems with your S5, perhaps its just you. I have the S5 as well and don’t have your problems.

  5. I was a loyal iPhone customer for years. I have had & need 2 phones for my business. I used one for Verizon network for vegas because AT&T service sucked there & AT&T for Los Angeles & International Calling when OCONUS. I now only use Galaxy S5 & it has been stellar. Blows away what I can multitask & do i totality w/ the iPhone. It’s not even a contest imo. As always opinions vary.

  6. I’ve been a iPhone user from the 3g to the 5s and now have the galaxy s5 active and will never go back. Samsung is pure quality where the iPhone lacks expandable memory and multi tasking. Samsung wins hands down.

  7. In what fucking universe do you get 27 hours of battery life with your s5???? I have an s5 and juice is gone by the drive home from work. it actually has the WORST battery life of any phone I’ve had to this point.

    • Hmm, You might want to get your phone checked. Just saying. I’ve had the S5 since may and my battery works great. I run 4-5 apps (fb, games, u-tube, email, Google etc) all day and after my 12hr work day, I still have around 40% battery left.

      • How much screen on time are you getting where you are actively using the phone? I admit, I am a heavy user. I’m on my phone all day.

        • I’m a pretty heavy user also Todd. Some days it feels like I didn’t put it down. When I’m at home I use WiFi so the battery does drain a little faster. When I’m out & about I lower the screen resolution to battery saving mode, turn off WiFi and close apps as soon as I’m done with them. I admit it’s more time consuming having to restart some apps bye going back and forth but I’ve never had my die bye doing those few steps. I bought a new car charger in May with the phone and I haven’t needed to use it yet. (I use GPS a lot) Do you take any steps to conserve the battery? If you do, it sounds like maybe you received a faulty battery… Hope that helps.

    • You have to train your battery to take a full charge and use the entire capacity of the battery. When you first buy the phone/battery you must run battery down completely or close to it before charging. Allow it to charge completely before using. Do this religiously and your battery should keep a decent charge. Don’t do this and you’ll be leashed to a wall plug or USB port.

      • Nope, actually I’m not. I got so tired of the poor battery life running on stock that I rooted my phone, I’m running a custom ROM, I’ve got everything Greenified and I’m running Trickster MOD to tweak the kernel. Power saving mode is always on, screen brightness turned down, sync turned off, location/GPS off, using LeanDroid to manage connectivity as soon as screen shuts off. I know what I’m doing, and I’m doing everything in my power to save power. Maybe I got a bad one, IDFK. But I hate it. And it’s laggy as all hell. BAD. Either I got a bad one or y’all clearly a bunch of Samsung and/or Android fanbois. I’m getting the iPhone 6 Plus as soon as I can, regardless of what you or anyone else says. Including the hack who wrote this article.

          • Interestingly, I was just going to update. Today I flashed CM11 which recently became available for the Sprint variant s5’s. LOVE the AOSP based ROM without the TouchWiz layer which IMHO is crap. Buttery smooth, very responsive, no lag, and significantly better battery life. As I type this I’m still at 45% @ 8:37PM EST 🙂

            I think perhaps you were correct Yousef … Too many complex layers and mods I had installed in an effort to get away from TW. Now I feel like I’ve finally freed my phone so it can really shine. If you are rooted you gotta check out CyanogenMod. It’s awesome …

          • I’m thinking about going to pick up an s5 shortly , I been having the hardest time deciding between the iphone 6 and s5 being an iPhone use for the past 4/5 years I finally want to try something different , Sick of battery life on 5s. Just glad you were able figure out the issue for now , hope I’ll like the phone I need to look up how to flash or root it as you did again . Last Samsung I had was the infuse and I absolutely hated its battery life and laggyness. Kinda scared me lol w your first comment about the battery hope it’s a lot better than the iPhone

      • Yes. I know what I’m doing. I’ve used Androids since the original G1. I am a regular on the XDA forums and know how to tweak all the settings, use battery saving apps. But as most power users will tell you…. They’re not getting over a day of use. 12 would be the norm.

    • Why do think apple has been suing the hell out of Samsung?

      According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung shipped 74.5 million smartphones in the second quarter with about a 25% marketshare, while Apple 35.2 million smartphones in the same quarter with a 12% marketshare.

      Apple filed patent lawsuits against Nokia in 2009, HTC in 2010 and Samsung in 2011. The lawsuits against Android manufacturers were largely driven by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. According to Jobs’ biography by Walter Isaacson, Jobs vowed to destroy Android. “I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this,” said Jobs in the biography.

      Sour grapes? You bet ya

      • To tip the scales further the suits were filed in San Francisco maybe 10 miles from their headquarters, where they have put millions (a drop in the bucket for them since most of their workforce is cheap labor overseas that includes Samsung Parts) into the local community.

        • It’s always easier to file suite in your own back yard. You brought up most of their workforce is cheap labor overseas that includes Samsung Parts. Seems like they went to another company for similar parts. The workers who make the Apple products overseas can’t even afford to buy the product they make.One I-Phone sells for more than they make in 1-2 months.

  8. I used an iPhone 4 and 4s before swapping to a S4. I was actually convinced by the droid users that ‘ANDROID IS SO GREAT!’ ‘SAMSUNG IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN APPLE!’ I must admit, the reason I did change was because of the sheer difference in screen size back then. Despite loving the screen size, I really missed the overall user experience that Apple provides in its devices: the fluidity of iOS, the more practical and less gimmicky features of their devices. Sure, spec wise Apple doesn’t put in the best of the best, but they manage to put together excellent ecosystem and user experience that I simply just didn’t get with Android, even with an “octa-core processor” and 2 gb of ram, my Samsung had intense lag and definitely slowed down over the year. Kies was a pain to use, and I just couldn’t manage to transfer songs as easily as iTunes.

    I am so happy that Apple has taken the big-screen leap and I am now back with an iPhone 6 plus.

    My message is this: don’t be fooled by the sheer numbers on paper – most Android devices are much more “powerful” than Apple’s latest phones, but I can tell you from sheer experience that if you enjoy an EXCELLENT user experience – go with Apple.

    • how does one “enjoy an excellent experience” with Apple when it does the same things that basic dumbphones do?

      Everyone speaks of this stellar user experience. It’d sure be nice if we could have some specific details, and not something that sounds like it’s pre-rehearsed.

  9. Yep…seen the WSJ shootout, and still prefer the Samsung photos. of course the iPhone photos can look good…when that 8MP camera puts the object so far out of reach that you have to squint to see it…lol

  10. Comparing the 6 plus to the S5???? S5 should be compared to the 6 and the Note 4 to the 6 plus. Guess they had to use an older Samsung device to come close lol.

    • Actually, it’s sad that the five-month old Galaxy S5 bests the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple’s latest.

      Perhaps you should read with your glasses on next time, Apple fanboy? lol

    • I have a Samsung Galaxy SII and it has a longer battery life and more features than iphone 5s… My battery life is longer, I have a huge memory, and my camera quality is the exact same as the Iphone 6 plus…also, ios8 completely copied Samsung/Android.

  11. No matter how much I read, Galaxy S5 destroys the iphone 6. I am glad that I own it. Every time I compare my S5 with my friends’ iphones, the more I love my S5.

  12. You do know that apart from being filled with d-bags, WSJ has a mega deal with Apple for buying their products- they had a huge launch of their app on iPad a while ago too. So, anything they say about Apple, I would take with a pinch of salt. Plus, on that article the S5 photos do look better- no basis of anything he is comparing except his own personal bias- even in his “review” of performance on each phone. But people show “proof” of what supports their view…irrespective of how the “research” was done. e.g. I know 3 people who had a S3- one of really killed the phone. I have 3 others who have the 4S and all those phones are near death- pretty uniformly. The real world is a little different.

  13. Asked my son last weekend to please hand me my S5 while I was inside a pool and he just threw at me. I caught the phone maybe a foot deep inside the water, got off the pool and the phone still worked perfectly fine. I got so frustrated at first until my son yell “Relax! Is a Galaxy S5!”

  14. Here is another thing that puts the Samsung Galaxy series way ahead of the I-phone any model is that with the Galaxy if it locks up you can remove the battery where as with the I-phone if it locks up you need to take either to an Apple store or an authorized service center to open the unit and disconnect the battery. Talk about user friendly. NOT

  15. Why are you comparing specs 2 years out of sync apple have been lagging behind for a few years now but they don’t care. They have cult status, people wold buy an old Nokia and believe it the best if it had an apple logo on it. The best phone is the one that does the job for you.

  16. People –
    Get the Bastex Wireless ZeroLemon 8500mAh S5 battery through Amazon for your Samsung Galaxy & you’ll have a battery that’ll last 2 days in power-saving mode.
    Comes with an “OtterBox” like case – only $60 shipped, fantastic buy & will not be disappointed.

  17. How many times must it be parroted… it’s not ABOUT specs. Yet again, *another* journalist posts an article to go along with mass opinion, just to be seen as “topical” and to align with falsehood and misguided opinions. If you can’t pull yourself out of the rut of publishing articles which intentionally miss the point, then why even bother at all?


    • You’re living proof of how duped Apple iSheep really are. If it’s not about specs, then why does Apple even detail the “specs sheet” for the iPhone 6 on its site as well as in its presentation?

      When it all comes down to it, Apple does care about specs — but they have to convince you (which isn’t too hard, unfortunately) that it’s not about specs in order to sell you another overpriced, basic smartphone. And you’ll buy it.

      And wait until another 2 years or so when they come out with a 13MP camera; I guess they’ll convince you once again that specs don’t matter. I dare you to get a 13MP and go back to a sorry 8MP camera…hahaha

  18. Why are you comparing the iPhone 6 to the S5 and not the Note 4 which is Samsung’s newest phone? It makes way more sense to do that considering you’re comparing Apples bigger phone to Samsung’s smaller. Samsung still wins but at least compare phablet to phablet…. 😛

  19. The iPhone is the single most Overrated device on the planet…it doesn’t stand a chance here. Besides, it’s better to buy a phone that doesn’t break upon impact with the floor, and a 30-minute time limit for submerging a phone is better than no time at all, hence any iPhone.

  20. Apple haters never cease. First everyone I know buys cases for their phones so the argument that Samsung is better because it is water proof is plain dumb. Second is processing. How many users are so busy and have so much to do that they require two apps running at once. I’m sure many but does that add such a huge number that it justifies criticism of the IPhone 6, I think not. Fact is I think most users are fine running 1 app at a time and if they’re so important and busy to need more, they’ll likely own a Laptop. About the only thing that Apple has that justifies critics is it’s Battery life, which I admit still needs work. IOS compared to Droid? IOS any day of the week. There is a reason why Google Wallet has been around for two plus years and hasn’t taken off. How many companies have some on board with Apple Pay? Apple is clearly the winner and all the spec tests that Samsung wins won’t change the fact that Apple is a better product anyway you slice it.

  21. It’s astounding to me, how much pure hate you all have, over a telephone. I think all of you Android psychopaths have a lot of misplaced anger.

    What are you all so truly upset about? Is it your terrible job? Your shitty (or lack of) personal relationship? Do you get picked on at school? You all really should seek professional help. The phone is not the issue, seriously… look at yourselves.

  22. Found this facts….so true !

    btw, I tried a lot so far… Nokia, iphone,HTC, Samsung (S2,S3,S4 and S5)…for the time being S5 wins hands down for me.
    Looking forward what the future brings…love the competition!


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