Today preorders began for Misfit’s Flash fitness watch. While the hype surrounding this device hasn’t, and probably won’t reach the levels of hysteria that Apple Watch will garner in 2015 when it’s released, this fitness based device will bring plenty bang – for a significantly lesser price than the competition.

The Flash is similar to Misfit’s $100 Shine model. However, it garners a different body type, and composition, which allows for the lesser cost. The lighter and consequently less expensive material is a polycarbonate plastic – which minimizes waterproofing, but enables Misfit to cut 50% off the retail price, from the Shine model. There will be seven available colors, and Best Buy will even offer two exclusive colors – pink and yellow.

For $49, The Flash actually has the exact same capabilities as the Shine.
Users can track steps taken, calories burned, and approximate distance traveled. Additionally, this wearable can also track sleep quality and duration. The device will even track specific activities such as running, walking, tennis, swimming, cycling, basketball, and soccer. The band utilizes standard CR2032 coin cell batteries that are equivalent in expense, and ease to replace – as a watch battery.

They can be as inexpensive as just a couple of dollars to replace, depending on where you have it replaced.

The Flash has a very streamlined, and sleek visual appearance. Just as the previous Shine model lacked a visual display, the Flash follows the same design. The Flash offers no visual display besides a time, and your overall fitness goals.

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However, that doesn’t by any means limit the usefulness of The Flash. The iOS and Android apps actually enhance the user experience a great deal by transferring all of the details that the wearable tracks right to your handset via Bluetooth.

The Misfit Flash is expected to begin shipping in mid-October for preordering which began today.

While Misfit’s Flash might not be the most buzzed about, or talked about device coming to the market this fall – it definitely will be one worth watching. The Flash isn’t the cheapest fitness band on the market, either, that are expecting to launch in the coming months – booting dismissal that this product is nothing more than a cheap, unworthy, knock-off.

Misfit though is battling to remain relevant in a market that has, over the course of time, become stale and has even seen many players jump out of the race entirely – and shift their focus to fitness services, instead of hardware – as Nike has done.

This device will challenge to keep the fitness hardware market alive, and well.