If you’re incredibly wealthy, and happen to be a 1-percenter that needs to feel normal and use social media – then Netropolitan has emerged as the front-runner for your online business.

It’ll only cost you $9,000 your first year to join, and then $3,000 a year afterward to maintain membership.

Pocket change for the incredibly wealthy.

Michelle Lawless from Media Minefield, Netroplitan’s PR firm, told the Los Angeles Times that the site was designed and inspired to accommodate the discomfort James Touchi-Peters, a composer, performer, and former conductor of the Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra, and his friends would feel when they would discuss “certain topics” online that could be construed as bragging on traditional social networking sites.

But, as Lawless continued to explain the site “is designed to be the place to talk about your last European vacation or new car without the backlash.”

However, the sharing and function of Netropolitan will be significantly less expansive, and “out-there” as so many are currently, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The content of the site will never reach an audience greater than their peer group, which is ideal for preserving the privacy and exclusivity that these users are trying to obtain.

Though the broad portion of the site is protected by password, anyone can get to the information page – which reminds anyone – including potential users/customers that the site can be used for any purpose – but not a concierge service.

However, the site requires that all users are at least 21-years old. Interestingly though, and this is a major differentiator to other social media platforms – once an individual is a member, he, or she, has access automatically to all other users information.

There isn’t any friending, or unfriending. You join, and you’re a member of one of the most exclusive clubs on the internet.

And if you’re surfing Netroplitan, after you spent $9,000 on membership, don’t sweat the ads. You won’t find any on the site, and it is regularly policed by moderators to ensure that users are not soliciting ads that funnel users, or customers – to their personal businesses.

Said moderators will also ensure that bad behavior, is at the very least, kept to a minimum.

Though no one has speculated on the potential growth rate of the site, or how many individuals will be expected to join monthly, or yearly – Netropolitan really only has one thing in mind: being the most exclusive place on the internet for very wealthy people.