Dubbed as “The Ultimate Gaming Tablet” Nvidia’s LTE enabled Shield tablet beefed up expected offerings, and has brought one of the most impressive gaming tablets to the market.

Even more exciting though, than boosted storage, is the fact that the device went on sale today. The device was available for preorder today on Nvidia’s website, as well as AT&T, who both reflected that the tablets will begin shipping September 30th.

It costs $100 more than the original, or currently standard Wi-Fi model, which only homes 16-gigabytes of storage space. Whereas the new device won’t only be 4G LTE enabled, but also boast twice as much storage space.

However, the ability to stream movies, music and games on the go will come at a cost. As it so often does in the mobile computing world.

There will be a monthly connectivity fee assigned to AT&T customers that elect to purchase the LTE enabled device. They will though, offer a $100 credit bill credit – at time of activation of the device.

It’s been a short history for Nvidia in the mobile device space, but with the success in July of the first Shield Tablet – which followed the Shield handheld gaming system – that ticketed for $199 it has been a relatively successful birth for the company.

The Shield Tablet uses Google’s Android operating system and uses Nvidia’s own Tegra K1 mobile processor.

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However, this company that is primarily known for its graphics chips in PC’s broke into and is exploiting a very specific portion of the market. One that Nvidia described as experiencing, “tremendous response from gamers, consumers, and the media.”

It’s clear that as tablets become more niche-specific – depending on the users specific needs – companies like Nvidia, and Barnes & Noble who work to specifically target demographics that are looking for more than just a “general experience.”

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With Barnes & Noble positioned to capture the digital book, and magazines market – with the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook – Nvidia can do something very similar with their Shield tablets which look to target the gaming demographic in the tablet world.


  1. “It’s clear that as tablets become more niche-specific” and this is the exact problem Nvidia will face with this product. As a gaming tablet it will do them no good to pursue the AAA and FPS side of the gaming community, what they need to focus on instead is those specific niches in gaming that dont have alot of representation in the market on the hardware side. This tablet for instance would be perfect just perfect for playing games like visual novels.


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