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Apple iOS 8 rolls out today: How To Get It


If you don’t want to stand in line for the new iPhone 6, or you’re simply not yet due for an upgrade but still want to experience the glitz and glam of upgrading your handset, then Wednesday at 1pm EST could be your opportunity to do so.

That is when Apple will release the highly-anticipated iOS 8, and ready the world for the physical launch of their newest line of phones this Friday.

However, updating your handset should be done with caution, especially at the initial launch of the operating system. As we learned last year, there isn’t only the risk of bugs at launch, but also a significant learning curve. Though this update merely expands on current features, rather than drastically overhauling your operating system.

But, what if you’ve considered that – and you think you’re ready to update? Here’s a full list of exactly how to go about updating, to avoid challenges, loss of data, or any other issues that could arise.

First, determine whether your device is compatible or not. iOS 8 is going to be available on iPhones – starting at the 4S model, and iPads starting from the 2, and iPod Touch from the fifth-generation onward.

Next, go through your device and conduct a backup. You can do this by simply plugging in your iPhone, opening up iTunes, and clicking – “Backup Now.” You can also do this through the iCloud website. As insurance, it might also be a good idea to backup important files, photos, or videos that you may want to preserve on an external hard drive, if you have the space available.

Though using the cloud is widely successful, it never hurts to have the second layer of insurance, while going through a major software update – as this is.

Third, make sure you have enough space. iOS 8 requires 1 GB of space to be available on the device. Go into your settings, and then usage, and see where exactly you stand. If need be, you may find deleting applications, or pictures – after they’re backed up is a good option.

Now that you’ve done this, you’re ready. Plug your device into the charger, and turn on your Wi-Fi. Go back into your settings at this point, and tap on software update. It should take a few moments to refresh and then simply tap the download button – and you will be on your way to running iOS 8.

Keep in mind though that the update will likely not happen instantaneously. It will likely take some time to actually download, install, and for you to go through the initial setup process – which should itself be brief – but as a whole, you could be looking at investing an hour, or more, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

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