Though the ink will not dry on the acquisition until the first quarter of fiscal 2015, and Cisco did not disclose how much they were paying for this private cloud computing firm, Metacloud. But the networking giant did insist that the acquisition would boost their long-term game plan involving accelerating their “Intercloud” strategy.

Cisco said they are working to accelerate plans to build the world’s largest global Intercloud. An Intercloud is a series of clouds, or a network of clouds – if you will. They work together, they work from each other, and they rely on each other to actually ensure that the overall goal is met – and to ensure that data is safer than through traditional cloud methods.

Cisco’s long term bet is that if the internet, data, and storage needs continue to trend in the ways they are, then the need for a system to “backup” the current system will be obvious. And that’s why the company has made it so clear that creating a stronger Intercloud strategy going forward is so crucial.

Cisco cited that since making their Intercloud strategy announcement in the spring that they’ve actually seen “rapid progress,” and have enlisted “key technology partners, service and cloud providers,” and are continuing to grow and build their partnerships around this strategy.

The company also pointed out that the cloud has “dramatically changed the IT landscape.” And that couldn’t be any more accurate. Businesses are functioning differently, and running different systems – to allow greater business agility and lower costs.

When asked about Metacloud’s role in Cisco going forward the company said, “We believe Metacloud’s technology will play a critical role in enabling our customers to experience a seamless journey to a new world of many clouds, providing choice, flexibility, and data governance.”

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Metacloud is known for their OpenStack Private Cloud, and many consider it to be the main reason Cisco was so eager to buy the company. Its technology, and an approach that is a rare commodity in this section of the technology space.

At this point, though details are still sparse it would appear as though Metacloud employees, and the company itself will remain intact throughout the acquisition process, and currently, neither company seem too eager to make the acquisition happen overnight.

Though Cisco was eager to announce the acquisition Wednesday.