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Logitech launches new home-automation Harmony remotes


Later this month, Logitech will make available their first series of smart home devices that can manage everything from the lights in your house to the speakers in your living room.

Most consumers don’t think of Logitech as being anything more than a producer of mice and keyboards – but with this move, they’re introduced heartily into a portion of the home automation space that is absolutely thriving.

With more and more gadgets and equipment for households to manage, there is increasing demand for tech companies to create hardware, or at the very least software, that can somewhat easily integrate and manage the systems you spend countless dollars on individually a month to remain connected.

Logitech’s Harmony Remotes line does an excellent job of tackling home automation in a way that competitors haven’t been able to perfect. Synchronize functionality, and allow integration with as many gadgets, smartphones, tablets, appliances, and home systems as possible.

All of this technology revolves around the New Harmony Home Hub, which is an upgraded version of the Harmony Hub. Many remember this as being the Hub version that allowed users to control a home theatre system.


The great thing about this line of products is a vast selection and choice it offers customers.

For $99, customers can buy a hub that can act as a centerpiece, and bridge between the products that are programmed into it – and your smartphone, which beholds the fully-functional application.

For $149, customers can buy a hub, as well as a basic remote. The basic remote has traditional buttons, and allows users to set specific scenes, or presets – if you will – and though it may seem limiting on the surface, the application is still available to handle the rest of the modifications that you may feel like making to your home system.

Then, for $349 customers can buy the most advanced system, and line of products Logitech is offering in this mass-release. This package comes with a 2.5-inch touch screen display remote that is a mirror of the smartphone, or tablet application – in addition to the hub.

Additionally, Logitech will be releasing an extender hub which will add more frequencies to the database. Essentially allowing Logitech to join forces with more tech, and home space companies that are looking to synchronize their products.

Logitech made it clear though that the products that would begin selling later this month, and updates, extensions, and additional products that would come in the future were focused on an experience – more than the physical items.

The application brings a great experience to customers, and that ultimately is what Logitech is doubling-down on by releasing the Harmony Remote and updated Hub.

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