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Andromeda will eat our Milky Way galaxy in next 5 Billion Years


The International Center for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) has been conducting some “out of this world” research, and finding out some really interesting details about our galaxy, its future, and how galaxies of the future will sustain themselves.

Some 90 researchers and scientists with the ICRAR found that after studying more than 20,000 stars over the course of many years that as galaxies now expand – they will no longer do so by producing more stars.

In fact, in a bit of environmental conditioning – galaxies have begun learning how to “consume” other galaxies, and ours is no different.

Currently the evidence actually suggests that this cannibalism of the sorts has been taking place for billions of years, and the Milky Way has claimed several galaxies as well.

Going forward though, the Milky Way has reached that point where it can no longer expand through traditional methods. In the next couple billion years, the Milky Way will claim two more galaxies – smaller ones – before then being claimed by a larger galaxy.

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The Andromenda galaxy will devour the Milky Way in approximately 5 billion years, creating a massive super galaxy. This cannibalism is actually going to create a state in the universe where there are only a few major galaxies across the entire span, and eventually create some sort of instability.

The consumption of the other galaxy happens fairly easily, as well. What happens is the weaker universe is pulled in via the gravitational force of the larger one, and they eventually become one.

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This is really just a case of survival instincts, and to the surprise of many – even our galaxy has survival instincts. However, these are events that are billions, and billions of years away – and who knows what civilization will look like then – if it looks like anything at all.

Source: Eurekalert

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