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UN Climate Change Summit 2014 lures largest People’s Climate March


On the 23rd, more than 100 world leaders will join an event poised to reignite the conversation around climate change, and drive improvements in a way of making a difference when it comes to climate change.

First though, Sunday will be when the People’s Climate March takes place, also in New York City. According to some, it could be the biggest global protest, ever recorded, and could easily scope over 100,000 people.

Much of the conversation around this climate change summit will be around the fact that working class people are often the first individuals impacted by severe, or extreme weather.

Contrary to somewhat popular belief – global warming doesn’t equate to warmer temperatures.


Global warming is the destabilization of our climate, and while we’re making improvements to correct that – the problem is still there.

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Many argue that the first people who are impacted by the extreme weather we face, due to climate change, like tornadoes, flooding, extreme heat, fire, and more – are our police, firefighters, paramedics, nurses, doctors, and emergency aid workers.

In other words, the people that we need to be there in case there is an emergency.

Another major discussion point surrounding climate change will be the fact that the hardest hit individuals will be the poor and people of color. Some estimations have it as high as 70% to reflect the number of “hard hit” individuals that fall into these two categories.

Extreme weather events like Hurricane Katrina and the Joplin Tornado are stark reminders that those who are low-income, or have little availability to the tools, and resources to protect themselves are left vulnerable.

These individuals aren’t just calling for moderate change either. They’re calling for a “war-time” like shift in energy, and effort to the cause. There is no longer time to sit and wait, and prepare to play defense.

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As many have argued, we know the facts – and now it’s time to plan, and act – instead of waiting to react to more natural disasters that are spawned due to our inability to come together on addressing climate change.

We have to do it for our kids, and our kids, children.

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