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Rhinorex Condrupus another dinosaur discovery after Spinosaurus and Dreadnoughtus


At the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, a discovery was made in the form of a previously unknown species of dinosaur. It was uncovered at the museum, and it had actually sat in storage for several years before finally being removed from the piece of sandstone – in which it was embedded.

It wasn’t until two years ago that two scientists decided that they would attempt to extract the skull that was nearly perfectly preserved in the stone. They weren’t even sure what they were digging into as they extracted the skull, and compared it to “digging a dinosaur skull out of a concrete driveway.”

Terry Gates and Rodney Sheetz were the scientists that made the discovery, and took on the daunting task of digging this massive skull out of its sandstone encasement.

When they saw the full scope of the creature they decided to name it Rhinorex Condrupus due to the dinosaur’s giant nose-like bill that reminded them of a platypus.

This discovery further advances and fills out the hadrosaur family tree, which has a rather sporadic history – with the only other discoveries in this family taking place 200 miles south. The scientists also pointed out that the discovery would help put other dinosaurs in the correct time, and location – based on what this discovery yielded.

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The Rhinorex’s large nose is probably the most unique of all the discoveries around this creature. It’s a rather unique, but equally complex feature – that can’t definitively be given a reason – just yet. Speculation is that the large nose, or beak would have been for survival purposes. Whether it be for feeding or defending itself amongst potential predators – this debate will go on for some time before a full-fledged decision is reached.

This isn’t the first dinosaur discovery though this month. In fact, it’s the second – major and significant discovery that has been made just in the month of September. In the beginning of the month a dinosaur – larger than, a T-Rex was discovered in Africa. It was found that this dinosaur was actually the first dinosaur to take to the water.

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The Spinosaurus was estimated to have been as old as 97 million years, and was a 50-foot-long floating, crocodile-style, dinosaur. This, coupled with the discovery of the Rhinorex – has made for an exciting month in the dinosaur community – and has given many cause for an exciting time coming up – as more discoveries are made.

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