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Microsoft to launch Xbox One in China by the end of 2014


Microsoft should be launching its Xbox One game console in China on Tuesday, September 23, but there’s a problem: Redmond has delayed the game console launch in China.

“At Xbox, we pride ourselves on delivering first-rate gaming and entertainment experiences, and to allow us to deliver on that promise, we need to reschedule the launch of Xbox One. Working with our partner, BesTV, we look forward to launching in China by the end of this year,” said a Microsoft spokesperson.

There could be a number of reasons as to why the launch is delayed in China, from slow sales of the device to black market activity in China, and so on. According to the company statement, however, Microsoft is launching its game console later in China because it wants to deliver a quality gaming experience and needs more time.

From the company’s statement we don’t know much, but we can surmise that the issue at hand is the gaming experience itself — not necessarily early sales (which have been smaller worldwide for the Xbox One than they were for both the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox model).


Microsoft has said that the Xbox One China launch will come at the end of 2014, but even when it does, there are some excellent games that won’t arrive until 2015. In the meantime, Sony continues to sell its PlayStation 4 — which continues to dominate game sales.

Microsoft’s overpriced Xbox One featured its Kinect motion gadget and didn’t sit too well with consumers. The Redmond Company launched a Kinect-less Xbox One earlier this summer to match the pricing of Sony’s PS4.

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