It almost feels like expectation to read about Apple blowing away competition in sales numbers, or completely controlling the tech world anytime there is a launch event held, or release weekend in stores.
But, once again, we were faced with a release weekend that has proven to be every bit, of what we expected.

Though the official results haven’t been announced yet, the expectations are through the roof – and that’s with a major market – China – completely out of the picture as they continue to drag their feet in allowing the release of the new iPhone to the public.

A big draw this time around, was the fact that Apple finally joined the ranks of Samsung, LG, and other smartphone makers – in creating a device that was larger than their traditional iPhones. Previously, a device larger than the 5, or 5S was never even expected – and the company’s previous boss – Steve Jobs – was always quick to shoot down the always constant, “let’s make the iPhone bigger,” statement.

To his credit, he was a genius – but this one, he got completely wrong. Couple that with the fact that after finally releasing a larger iPhone – they did it at the absolute most opportune time. They did it when most of their customers would be needing an upgrade.

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This was previously dubbed as to be spawning the “mother of all upgrades” by CEO Tim Cook – and he was absolutely correct. The timing was perfect, and so was Apple’s execution.

Customers didn’t have to wait a long, long, time to preorder, or even get their hands on an iPhone 6, or 6 Plus. They were in stores this weekend, and preorders began more than a week ago.

Another important note playing in Apple’s favor for creating one of the most successful weekends they’ve ever had with iPhone sales is the necessity they’ve created to upgrade.

The update to iOS 8 wasn’t going to be offered to iPhone 4 owners, and that is another way to pull upgrades and sales in.

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Most telling is the fact that last year Apple sold 9 million iPhone 5S and 5C devices in their first weekend on the market. And that included China sales, which contribute largely to the global sales figures – given the fact that the market is so large.