Microsoft has launched its next-gen game console in India, the Xbox One. After a month of preorders, the console goes on sale for Rs. 39,990 ($650) while the more expensive Xbox One bundled with Kinect is priced at Rs. 45,990 ($750) exclusively at Amazon India.

Microsoft held launch event in Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai today and marked the arrival of the successor to the Xbox 360. The launch comes about three months after the Sony PlayStation 4 launch in India and the company aims to go one-on-one for dominance during Diwali (An ancient Hindu festival celebrated in autumn every year in India subcontinent).

Anshu Mor, Director – Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft India said, “It’s time to experience and celebrate the power of the all-in-one gaming and entertainment device.”

During the event, Karan Bajwa, Managing Director, Microsoft India presented the very first pre-order Xbox One console to its owner. The Redmond giant has aimed its console to deliver the most advanced multiplayer gaming experience plus entertainment like live TV, Skype, sports, fitness, music and movies.

The Xbox One is powered by an 8-core x86 processor, coupled with 8GB of RAM and a 500GB of hard drive. It also features a Blu-ray player so as to watch movies and play games in stunning HD quality. The all-in-one device also comes with free games: FIFA 15 and Dance Central Spotlight DLC.

The launch event was a part of company’s commitment to bringing the Xbox One in 26 additional markets by September. However, Microsoft delayed the launch in China for an unclear reason, originally slated to be released today. Now it would be released by the end of the year.