There was a time when AT&T was all about phones. Phones of all kinds. Home phone, cell phone, smart phone – you name it – if it was a phone, AT&T was into it.

Then, as the market began to expand over the years – they decided to work outward in their approach.

Now, like most once cellular companies, the market demands more. Carriers are almost required to offer more, like internet service, or cable options – to compete with the mega-giant cable companies – like Time Warner and Comcast. Especially given the fact that at any given day, they could be one, super-giant conglomerate.

AT&T has come up with a deal that really could put a serious crunch on those trying to offer competing internet service plans to the ones that we see frequently from the cable companies. The cable companies pride themselves on bundling.

Well, AT&T has put together what easily could be the most value-filled, and inexpensive bundle we’ve seen in the cable, internet, and phone arena to date.

For $39.99 AT&T has combined broadband internet, HBO, and a year’s subscription to Amazon Prime.

While the entire bundle is probably the best deal we’ve seen on the market as a whole so far, it does something really smart – and something that AT&T clearly did intentionally.

If you’re going through the cable companies, you’ll pay about $50 a month to have a basic line of channels, plus HBO. Some cable companies will even cost more, it just depends on which you’re going through.

That’s just part of the reason though, why this deal is so incredible. While the deal itself only lasts a year as offered when you first sign up, and naturally, the cost will increase afterward – and installation costs $99 on a one-time basis.

The fact that Amazon Prime is included is second-to-none in a market like this. The truth is that if you want to have just HBO, you can’t have it – without getting everything else the cable companies offer up to that point in the cable package.

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Which could mean a lot of unwanted channels, and a lot of unnecessary expense. Plus, bundling with Amazon Prime will offer customers a really great opportunity to see a big chunk of original content from both places – HBO and Amazon Prime – who are now seriously focused on delivering original content as well, to compete and apply pressure to networks and Netflix.

It’s also worth noting that Amazon Prime costs $99 a year anyway, so if you’re individually costing this out – the bundle cost with AT&T is a huge value.

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This bundle, or partnership, could really prove to be a serious boost of competition to the cable market. Although it’s obviously far too early to make any serious predictions just yet.


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