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Climate Change: Rise in temperature will spread epidemics like Ebola


According to the authors of an editorial in a medical journal which was only recently released – people could face numerous health issues if the global temperature continues to rise. Specifically they said an increase in global temperature would increase the likelihood, and frequency of several infectious diseases, illnesses, and even depression.

“Climate change is happening,” according to the authors in their editorial – and it’s time to acknowledge that on all fronts. Even in the health world, it’s time to acknowledge that the impacts aren’t just going to be on our glaciers, and water supply. The potential risks to our health systems, and the overall health of our population – is going to continue to grow.

Think specifically of countries around the world that have already hot climates that would be more prone to the rapid spread of infectious disease. It’s widely-known that infectious diseases spread like wildfire in hot climates, but an increase in the global temperature would prove to be catastrophic long-term, with major health implications like this.

This is a problem that has caught specific traction with the current Ebola outbreak. While Ebola specifically hasn’t been linked to advanced spreading in hotter climates, the way it has spread – shows well how quickly it spreads throughout underdeveloped nations.

But, illness isn’t the only health impact that a change in climate would bring. The more unstable weather conditions that have been prone to bring on extreme weather events like floods and hurricanes – have been linked to depression in some people.

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And the article concedes that instances of depression would increase with climate change. Some studies have indicated that the global average temperature could rise as much as 2 degrees Celsius by 2050 – and the authors urge that this would have severe impacts on global health.

Now, it has become clear that the focus needs to be around stopping our climate from changing any further, and stopping the damage that has already been done by climate change in the health arena.

Change is 100% possible with a focus in reducing greenhouse gas emissions globally. A focus in reducing greenhouse gas emissions wouldn’t just improve the health of our planet – but improve the health of our people, as well.

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