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Apple iOS 8 adoption rate is 46%, bugs indicate iOS 8.0.1 imminent arrival


Apple’s developer page reports (happily) that iOS 8’s release on September 17 has been downloaded onto 46% of all current devices. Apple opened up iOS 8 on September 17 to iPhones 5s, 5C, 5, 4S, iPads 2, 3, 4, Air, iPad Mini, and iPad Mini 2 (the first to feature Apple’s Retina display), as well as iPod Touch fifth-generation. iOS 7 just reached 90% earlier this month prior to Apple’s iOS 8 release.

While a number of individuals have downloaded iOS 8 to get the latest and greatest, some may be surprised to find a few things. With the exception of a new wallpaper, most individuals don’t get access to Health and HealthKit on the iPad experience (at least iPad 2 and 3 users are left out of the loop). Next, some features such as Handoff won’t make it to many two-year-old iDevices. Last but not least comes the usual bugs that are present in iOS updates: Wi-Fi, battery, GPS, and other issues.

As for Wi-Fi issues, users are complaining about slow Internet speeds and download speeds, app crashes that occur when users are downloading a new app, and screen freezes.

Some of us here at Inferse have noticed many of the same issues on the iPad 3, with Netflix freezing up at times, crashing at other times, and Wi-Fi issues causing Netflix to say something along the lines of “network error” and cancelling a TV show or movie while in the middle of it.

Facebook and Twitter are becoming extremely slow to load, and posting messages can be a pain depending on whether or not the apps themselves crash while you’re typing your next social media masterpiece.

For some in other parts of the world outside the US where 3G is the data level of choice instead of 4G LTE, many are noticing that there is no toggle to disable or enable 3G anymore.

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Battery life has proven to be bad for some individuals with older iDevices, but even the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have also fallen prey to the iOS 8 bug situation. Users have reported getting a little over 5 hours on a single charge as opposed to the 10-hour battery life (and 12-hour battery life for the iPhone 6 Plus) that Apple promised them in the company’s iPhone 6 announcement earlier this month. As for older iDevices, even iPads are getting hit hard. What proved to be 14 hours or so of battery life for iPad 3 users is turning into something along the lines of 10-11 hours of battery use – even with the same brightness level maintained as before.

A status bar glitch now has some iOS 8 users seeing “double,” as the status bar at the top of the screen now turning into two status bars – with one being fixed upon the other and clouding the details such as Wi-Fi, time, and so on at the top of the main screen.

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There are other issues that relate to Dropbox’s photo syncing abilities with iOS users for only the last 30 days, and so on, but you can’t say we didn’t warn you. iOS 8 may be the finest thing to iOS since, well, iOS, but as with iOS 7, the company’s latest comes with “a few bad apples.” As the saying goes, even one bad apple can always spoil the bunch.

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