If you’ve been in the market for a new television, and have been considering one of those new-and-improved, fancy, 4K televisions – but have been hesitant over costs – then prepare yourself to be really happy with what Vizio has done.

As preorders began Tuesday, Vizio became the first company producing televisions – to offer a 4K set – at $999. Granted, this will be for a 50-inch set, but the point is that it’s available. Those looking for a 70-inch set will have to settle for a $2,500 price tag.

The sizes of the televisions run from 50-70 inches, this proves once again that Vizio is not afraid to cut cost in exchange for customers. They’ve been winning customers over this way for years now, and it’s not something that they’re looking to stop doing, or change.

They’ve figured out that affordability really is the biggest key when it comes to something like a television. Yes, people are willing to pay more for quality – but there is a cutoff line most people have, and when it comes to the average customer, endless supplies of money to pay for inordinately expensive luxurious – like a super-sized, flat screen, Ultra-HD, television set.

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However, taking a closer look at the specifications of the television set really make a hard case for anyone who is arguing on the behalf of the Vizio P-Series televisions. They’re as technically, and physically sound as a television could be, and rightfully so – the “P,” stands for “Performance.”

The resolution of the television sits right at 3,840 x 2,160. Technically, it sits below the actual specifications of cinematic 4K, but Vizio insists that they spent a lot of time, money, and energy, ensuring that this product was the best that could be put out.

The P-Series supports HDMI 2.0 which receives signal at 60 frames per second. Even better is that the P-Series will support Wi-Fi, so those that purchase these TV’s will be able to watch Netflix, and put their investment to the real test.

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Really though, that’s all superficial. This television set really makes its money from the inside. The P-Series is equipped with a quad-core GPU that will work to ensure everything you watch – especially the non-4K stuff, is looking better than it would on any other television set.

That really is an important note, because like many have pointed out – few people will be watching 4K-quality, programming. It’s not typical, by any means, and the fact that a set was just made affordable – that lives up to these specifications should remind anyone reading this that 4K, or Ultra-HD is far from at its peak, or even commercially near where it should be – or should be completely accepted by the mainstream TV user.

It may be the future, and this may be a great opportunity for consumers to get a high-quality TV set in their homes, at a very reasonable price compared to the competitors, but “normal,” just isn’t what it should be called yet.


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