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Come see Facebook’s ‘new home on Android’


If you are unaware or have not received the invitation yet, then let me bring it to you. Facebook has sent out an invite to press announcing an event which will be held on Thursday, April 4th at its headquarters in Menlo Park California. This event is said to be one that will bring Facebook and Android closer to each other.

So now that we all know when and where part, let us talk about the what part. What is it that Facebook wants us to see? It could be a new and refreshed Facebook Android app which brings a lot of new features and improvements or may be a modified Android operating system that is focused around Facebook. One thing is for sure, Facebook is definitely excited about this event as it has something very special for us to see.


This is not the first event that Facebook will be having at its HQ, but definitely one of the most interesting ones. Facebook has been the most popular social networking websites on the internet and definitely one of the most downloaded apps on mobiles phones regardless of the platform. Now the company seems to have plans to change the overall experience on the Android platform making users feel at home rather than just using an app.

There has also been a rumor that Facebook is working on a smartphone of its own. This smartphone is supposed to do everything that other smartphones do but at the same time provide an unmatched Facebook experience. This event might be the place where the social giant plans to unveil this device but we never know what all has been planned.

We know that there have been a lot of devices earlier which had the Facebook button that gave you instant access to the site. But this is not just about a button, this could be about the phone, the operating system and the way in which all these factors are blended to create one seamless experience that consumers never knew was possible.

There are possibilities that Facebook could unveil an ‘HTC smartphone’ which will be the new host for the social networking site. There have already been rumors about Facebook working with HTC to come up with a smartphone that is dedicated and focused around Facebook. All things will be cleared at the event on the 4th, so let’s wait and watch.

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