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Samsung Group launches Galaxy Note 4 ahead of the iPhone 6 in China


Anyone who hasn’t kept their head in the sand or been on vacation recently knows that the iPhone 6 went on sale last weekend. And, it turned out to be a historic sale for Apple. Apparently Samsung wants to capture the same heat that Apple has kindled and is now having a change of heart about its October launch.

The Galaxy Note 4 was set to launch mid-October, but Samsung now intends to launch the coveted Galaxy Note 4 as early as September 26 in China.

The Korean manufacturer’s phone has been approved for release by the MIIT, or the Ministry of Industrial and Information Technology, the Chinese counterpart to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Apple’s iPhone 6 has yet to receive this approval, which dealt a small blow to Apple’s record-setting success from the company’s weekend smartphone sales.

While Apple has earned the domestic license for the iPhone 6, its network license hasn’t yet been approved. “It’s bizarre. It’s not like Apple hasn’t launched a phone in China before. Everyone knew this was coming, so I don’t understand why there’s a holdup,” said Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves.

A large part of Apple’s revenue stems from China with Apple securing the China Mobile deal earlier this year as one of the company’s brightest successes since the death of former CEO Steve Jobs.

Apple’s also had some obstacles with China this year, as the Chinese government has become suspicious of the US government’s attempts to spy on Chinese officials by way of the iPhone and iOS experience.

The federal government has already admitted it’s obtained access to British text messages and user data of international citizens, and has even gone so far as to use the USB ports of laptop computers by which to gain access to user data of Chinese officials.

The government hasn’t hidden its agenda with regard to Chinese secrets, and, unfortunately, Apple and the iPhone find itself in the middle of the controversy.

To add to governmental distrust over the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the black market has come alive because of the new iPhone 6 and “iPhablet.” iPhone 6 models are now being smuggled into the country, selling for $3000 each, and are being disguised by Twinkie wrappers, coffee cans, and boxes of toothpaste.

Apple sold 10 million copies of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (combined) in its opening weekend, and Samsung says it plans to sell 15 million of its Galaxy Note 4 phablet right away — a record number of Note sales for the phablet category creator.

Preorders for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 begin in US today, shipping on Oct 17

Note 4 sales have already gotten off to a good start, with Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders selling out in South Korea on all three major carriers. While China and South Korea will both see Note 4 launches this week, most markets won’t see the Note 4 launch officially until October 17.


Hopefully, next year, Samsung will aim for more of an early September launch instead of an October launch. Customers who can upgrade and get the Note 5 next year will have yet another reason to thank Samsung.

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