It’s been awhile since BlackBerry generated any real excitement or intrigue in the smartphone world. I mean, let’s be honest, when was the last time anyone objectively thought about a BlackBerry smartphone – and thought to themselves, “Yes, this is the device I want to spend the next 2-years with?”

BlackBerry is a Canadian phone maker, but for the last several years – has remained in relative silence as sales struggle, and the brand struggled just to find an identity.

There was a time when BlackBerry was a global player in the smartphone world, especially when it came to professionals and the business world.

And finally, BlackBerry looks like they’re poised to take back some of the precious ground they’ve lost over the years.

The BlackBerry 10 was the last device that the company tried to sell, and that was a complete flop in 2013.

So now, the company has unveiled what is undoubtedly the biggest smartphone they’ve created since the Curve, or Bold.

The BlackBerry Passport is a square device and features BlackBerry’s famous keyboard that everyone loves. Especially business professionals. This, combined with the fact that the phone is going to be retailing at an incredibly affordable price – in comparison to what other smartphones sell at – means that BlackBerry could actually do some damage the smartphone market that is dominated by Android and iOS, by Google, and Apple, respectively.

The Passport will cost $599 without a contract and just $249 with a 2-year contract.

But, the keyboard and square design – which sits at 4.5 inches, will actually have the appearance and give the feel of a 5 inch rectangular device. This due to its unique shape. Also, the unique draw, according to BlackBerry, will be the fact that the device – with its square screen – will be able to show 60 characters per line, on its touchscreen.

That should make it easier to read, but that should also attract the type of customer that BlackBerry is looking to gain back.

While additional details about the BlackBerry Passport are sparse, it appears that the company has generated some genuine excitement in the tech world – and that’s great – but the actual sale of the device will be worth watching.

Maybe BlackBerry can work their way back to becoming the smartphone for professionals as they once were.