Apple might replace the iPhone 6 Plus units that have bent out of shape. A recent web chat between the The Next Web journalist and a support employee revealed that the decision regarding replacement of a bent iPhone 6 Plus can only be taken by the store to which the user has taken the device to.

The support employee also informed that decisions on this matter will be taken only after thorough inspection of the damaged phone; this means it can’t be said that Apple will be replacing every single piece of the 5.5-inch smartphone that have been bent.


The employee added that the deformed iPhone 6 Plus undergo a special test called Visual Mechanical Inspection. If the test shows that the damages in the handset are all within the company’s guidelines, Apple will be covering them. If the detected damages don’t meet the criteria set by the company, the user will need to pay for the replacement.

It must be noted here that Apple is yet to issue any official statement on this matter; what’s more, the company has also refused to comment on reports suggesting that the biggest iPhone model launched by it to date is bending when kept in pocket or when pressure is exerted on its rear panel.

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Some social networking sites have termed the problem as ‘bend gate’ and have been filled with comments where users have cursed Apple for making such a frail handset. Experts, on the other hand, are saying that the bigger iPhones are bending so easily due to their thinner aluminum casing. According to those experts, bending of the phones can be prevented by ensuring that their middle doesn’t get exposed to extreme pressure.

While several users started complaining about the bending issue on online forums, social networks and YouTube is flooded with videos just to make the world understand what exactly is going wrong with the iPhone 6 Plus when it is subjected to extreme pressure.

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Well, iPhone 6 Plus bending isn’t the only problem Apple is facing. iOS 8 and iOS 8.0.1 has worsened the situation for the Cupertino Company.