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30% of the Earth’s water is older than the Sun, study says


When you are drinking a glass of water in the morning, or filling up your coffee pot – it would be hard to imagine that the water could have possibly come from outer space, much less be older than the sun.
Even more mind boggling, would be thinking about the fact that the human body – which is comprised mostly of water – could be coming from someplace so far away.

However, that’s just what a study published Thursday found. It found that anywhere from 10-30% of the water that is on Earth – isn’t only older than the Sun, but comes from comets and stars deep in space.
After your brain processes the initial shock, and awe of the mass and time factored into this, prepare to wrap your mind around one more really surprising note.

Water, which we consistently have battled to locate, and find – is most likely quite common in the rest of the universe, as it pertains to space as a whole. With the age, and the way our water was formed – it would be limiting to think that Earth is the only planet that could have the level of water, and sustainable life that we do.

This also proves that life started in the solar system, according to the scientists responsible for the report.

It was found that most of the water that is found on earth was formed, or even reformed in clouds of “hot material,” in outer space. Part of the idea was that some of the water on Earth had to have come from the ice that is present in space – but it wasn’t really clear how much of that was responsible from the cloud.

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Thankfully, computers will aid in actually deciding on specific numbers for that as additional data is researched. The interesting find is that for scientists this gives them something physical, and something tangible to work with. Meaning, interstellar space isn’t completely empty.

This will help in identifying where life started specifically in space, how earth, and we came to be. Important facts for identifying where we are now, versus where we are going in the future.

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It also helps in the constant search for water outside Earth. Scientists are spending an increased amount of time trying to determine where water is, where water could be, and where water goes – and this first bit of information will go a long way to beginning to give scientists some context as to how water comes about on various planets.

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