Apple’s iOS 8.0.2 is now available for download, just one day after the iOS 8.0.1 fiasco that disabled cell reception and Touch ID capabilities for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users. A number of iPhone 5S and 5 users said that their cell reception and/or Touch ID capabilities were not impacted by Wednesday’s update. Apple said that only about 40,000 iPhone 6 devices were impacted by the iOS 8.0.1 fiasco.

The version 8.0.2 brings bug fixes for Touch ID and cell reception issues, while also providing a fix for HealthKit apps at the App Store that now makes them available for download. It also brings along a bug fix so that third-party keyboards won’t be reset when a user enters his or her passcode to their iDevice, along with improves to Reachability (iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus), Family Sharing (Ask to Buy), ringtones, Safari photo and video upload support, and Photo Library access for some individuals.

Apple deserves to be commended for its quick response to these problems, but we here at Inferse expected nothing less of a quick response. After all, Apple just released its iPhone 6 and iPhablet, the iPhone 6 Plus, to retail stores last Friday, September 19, and the company doesn’t want to push away its customer base after selling a record 10 million iPhones during the first launch weekend.

As for the recent #bendgate scandal that’s got some questioning their purchase of the “flexible” iPhone 6 Plus, Apple’s said that it intends to replace some of the bendy devices for free – if the devices meet Apple’s qualification of “defective.” This means that not all iPhone 6 Plus devices will be replaced free of charge, but Apple is paying attention. As of yesterday, the company claimed that only 9 customers had come forward with real iPhone 6 Plus bending issues, but one need only take a cursory glance across tech sites on the Web to find that there are several others who are having the same issues.


Android rival LG Electronics took to social media on Thursday to say, “our phone flexes…on purpose,” referring to the fact that its LG G Flex is actually named “flex” because it, unlike the iPhone 6 Plus, was meant to bend. HTC chimed in with the fact that its One M8 can survive in “all environments, including your pockets,” and Apple’s greatest threat, Samsung Electronics, proudly flaunted its Note 3 with the words, “Bend to the one who is worthy” – the iPhone 6 bending to the side of the Galaxy Note 3, the company’s phone/tablet hybrid (or phablet) from 2013.

Some of us here at Inferse have even seen iPhone 5S users who’ve shown us their “bending” iPhone 5s models from last year. With that said, the bendgate scandal may become news now, but it’s been around for some time. Perhaps this may have been part of the drop test or torture test concerns that KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo referred to some months ago before the iPhone 6 launch just days ago.

For some who may want to hang on and wait a while until you see what problems iOS 8.0.2 brings, however, caution is the word.


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