Some of the features of Windows 9 codenamed ‘Threshold’ already spilled early this month, but plenty more haven’t, including a new name and other tech specs.

Microsoft has seemingly revealed a bit of more information about the next version of Windows, referred as Windows 9 by tech bloggers. Thanks to a page on the TechNet site that went live a little bit sooner that it was supposed to. The page reveals the next version of Windows would be called as Windows TH likewise some old monikers, Windows XP and ME. And it makes sense.

Windows TH TechNet

Windows TH will “provide users with a familiar experience across multiple devices while enhancing security and manageability,” alongside some new and improved features for enterprises.

  • Defend against modern security threats
  • Elevate employee productivity
  • Embrace the mobile and cloud era
  • Enable upgrade without upheaval

However, we can’t stick to the term ‘TH’ because Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Operating Systems, Terry Myerson teased new Windows name in response to Tom Warren and Mary Jo Foley’s “Shhh #WindowsX” tweet. He also added, “We’re still deciding, but thanks for your vote.” Therefore, it could be Windows X, Windows One, Windows 9, Windows 365 or just plain Windows TH.

Windows TH Terry Myerson

The preview version of ‘TH’ will be available in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors weighing 3.16GB and 4.10GB respectively. Among the key features of Threshold are Cortana integration, virtual desktops, notification center, supports for 8K resolution, Wi-Fi Sense, Storage Sense and window-ed Modern apps. There will also be visual changes, thanks to more focus for desktop users, including removal of Charms bar, new flat icons and new overhauled Start Menu.

The company has already said that they will be previewing a test release of Threshold at an invite-only event in Sans Francisco on September 30. That release will be targeted at Enterprise, followed by a broader availability aimed at general public sometime in October.


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