Latest reports indicate that Apple is bringing the iPad Mini 2 into the consumer market very soon. If you have been one of those consumers who are waiting for the release of the Apple iPad Mini 2, then this is good news for you.

A new report indicates that Apple has started cutting down iPad Mini orders to start working on the supply and production of the Apple iPad Mini 2 which is set for release in the third quarter of this year.

We all know that the iPad Mini is a fantastic tablet. I personally feel that it is better than the iPad 2 and the New iPad, provided that you are okay with not having the Retina Display. The point here is that the iPad Mini has already proved to be one of the most successful products from Apple. The iPad Mini has not even been in the market for six months and we have the iPad Mini 2 coming in.

This is definitely good news because the original iPad Mini will still be one of the best tablets in the market. The only difference will be that consumers who love the iPad Mini but were uncomfortable to buy it because of ‘no retina display’ will not have complaints anymore. Because according to the report, the iPad Mini 2 will not only be more powerful that the original iPad Mini, but it will also have the prestigious ‘retina display’ which will provide an even better and clearer display.

One of the latest news has come from DigiTimes, which has compiled all the tips from industry sources in the Apple supply chain. This report claims that Apple is cutting down orders of the iPad Mini in the second quarter of this year, trying to start taking necessary steps for the iPad Mini 2 to take over.

So it seems the iPad Mini 2 will soon be out, let us know what all features you would want to see in this new tablet. Will you buy one right away or wait for the reviews?