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Scientists unveils multidirectional perfect paraxial cloak or simply ‘invisible cloak’


It might sound like something out of a science fiction movie, or the popular Harry Potter series, but the truth is that an invisibility cloak is now feasible.

Scientists at the University of Rochester discovered a way to hide large objects from plain view. The best part is that the technology uses a series of lenses, overlaid which eventually give you the appearance of invisibility.

However, the readily available technology seems to have been inspired by a book or movie. Technically speaking, cloaking is the process by which an object becomes shielded, or hidden from a general view. Simultaneously, the things around the object that is being cloaked – will look entirely normal.

It sounds far more complex than it actually is, and while the idea that using a few lenses to make something invisible may not sound exactly like what we’ve seen in the Harry Potter books, this could have a far more impactful use, than simply running around a room, or flying on a broomstick – as they did in the movie.

And, the recently dubbed “Rochester Cloak” isn’t really a cloak at all. At least in the traditional sense. It looks like a magnifying glass from a quick glance or looks like the type of optometry equipment.

However, the scientists from this lofty science school, known for their breakthroughs and optical research. Building one of these invisible cloaks costs roughly $1,140 – and they think it can be made even cheaper.

Joseph Choi, the graduate student who helped develop the method at the University of Rochester said the device has significant real world uses. Surgeons who are performing detailed operations, where hands typically get in the way, or in a line of view. And even truck drivers, who have one, or several blind spots to contend with as they drive down the highway.

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In theory, the entire trailer of the truck could be cloaked, and the driver would have a clear, and direct view of the traffic behind him. Thus creating a perfect scenario for making traffic safer, but also in general making the world a better place.

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That seems to be the biggest advancement. The one in the medical realm on this discovery and unveiling. The truth is that while this may seem like something out of science fiction, it has a lot of real world applications – and at a price that is affordable for many – this will be something that will see tremendous use in the future of medicine, and science with only more uses in the future.

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