Mobile share is a popular data concept utilized by many of the major phone companies, like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and more. It’s become an industry standard, and sadly, so has the pricing of data.

While there are always slight adjustments or anomalies, there have never been any truly great sales, or promotions that have knocked the proverbial socks off of the competition – until now.

AT&T is offering a doubling of any of their mobile share plans. The plans start at $130, and until October 31st, customers can get twice as much data as they would have originally been allotted, should they decide to sign up.

The plans start at what was the traditional, $130 for 15GB of data. Now though, those signing up for the 15GB mobile share plan, will actually receive 30GB of shared data monthly. The plan continues upward – hitting $150 for 20GB of data which translates to 40GB. The $225 plan upgrades your 30GB of data up to 60GB of data. The $300 plan moves users from 40GB to 80GB and last but not least, those who use the most data – and are signed up for the 50GB data plan within the mobile share family – will be upgraded to a whopping 100GB of data.

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The best part of the deal on the surface is that it seems to have no expiration date, once you have committed to it. It doesn’t seem as though it will be tied down to an upgrade date – which would put it at two-year-maximum shelf life. However, according to AT&T users will simply be able to keep these beefed up data plans “as long as you want, there’s no expiration.”

And in talking with an AT&T customer service representative, that is the case as well. The company is making a move to really make available for everyone, smartphones and smart mobile computing. While some of these plans may seem a little large – especially for the smaller families that don’t use that much data – this is an option that is certainly to benefit AT&T’s larger family customers – as well as their larger family future customers – who are considering a move to AT&T.

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That isn’t the only impressive thing about the plan though, either. Don’t think that the data will swallow up your entire bill, whatever you choose to pay. For example, the $130 a month you would be paying for the most basic package – won’t just give you 30GB of data – but also give you unlimited talk domestically, as well as unlimited text messaging domestically, and offer unlimited international messaging from the US to other select countries, according to AT&T.

It truly puts the word “value” back in the concept behind large value plans.


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