Since the release of the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus devices, there have been some pretty bizarre tests conducted online, by none other than YouTubers.

Perhaps, they don’t offer the best insight into how well a phone will hold up in your day-to-day activities, but the tests definitely offer up some interesting notes about phone durability as a whole.

Here are some of the most popular tests that have been conducted thus far, and what the major findings have been in the tests:

The Blender Test: This one seems to have been executed out of mere parody than anything else. Though the device momentarily holds up, it reassures iPhone users, and cell phone users as a whole – that an iPhone – like anything else, can be reduced to dust in a blender, if you blend it. However, that should go without saying. After all, it is a blender – and these are just phones made of various combinations of glass, plastic, and light metals.

The Fire Test: One of the more interesting tests that we were able to find online, the tester made it a point to ensure that the glass was faced up in a particular test we watched. It actually revealed that the glass, even when exposed to temperatures that would approach 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit would hold up. The general structure, not so much. The battery lasted a very short period of time, and the frame melted down. However, the glass of the new iPhone proves to be quite strong in comparison to other parts.

The Boiling Water Test: This was the most interesting test I saw on the Internet. Held in the least of scientific ways. The tester simply turned on the timer and dropped the phone in boiling water. And surprisingly, it took two tries to kill the phone. The first time, the phone submerges; a temperature warning almost immediately comes up – and then the device shuts down. Even after being left in there for a few moments after – when the device is taken out and cooled – it functions normally. The second time though it doesn’t fare as well. It lasts 9 seconds in the boiling water and powers down. It never reboots after that.

The Bullet Test: In one of the most obvious tests that were available, it was seen that the iPhone 6 Plus was no match for a .50 caliber bullet. Obviously, the device was blown to bits.

The Internet is never to be outdone, and I am sure more videos similar to these will continue to surface as time goes on, but how much they actually contribute to the growth or improvement of these devices – well – maybe a little less.

Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices bend only under extreme conditions

But, at the very least – they’re entertaining.