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HealthKit Apps hit App Store after iOS 8.0.2 update


When Apple announced HealthKit many iPhone users were excited about the opportunity to see more health related applications on the market. Even more exciting to these iPhone users, and more broadly – iPhone users that are a fan of third-party apps – this meant more options in the health and fitness categories.

All of these apps were scheduled to launch on September 17th, with the release of iOS 8. However, thanks to a bug, that wasn’t discovered until the very last moment – the entire thing was temporarily put on the backburner while Apple worked tirelessly to solve the issues that were outstanding – and preventing their Apple-managed-health hub, from actually going live.

This past week, Apple launched at update that was thought to correct all of the outstanding issues – and allow HealthKit to finally kick into gear. That update, iOS 8.0.1 though, was flawed.

It was significantly flawed. Many devices ended up being bricked thanks to the update, but now – upon the release of iOS 8.0.2 on Friday – the long, and drawn out wait for Apple’s health hub, is finally over.


The idea behind HealthKit is to unify the many apps that are available on the store currently. Obviously, new apps are being developed, but the idea is that the fitness apps in general will be able to better communicate with the phone, as well as each other – to give the user an overall better experience, and of course to work more effectively than they traditionally did on previous devices.


However, it would seem that some users are reporting that issues are still arising with the most recent update. Some have reported continued connectivity issues with Wi-Fi as many have all along. The connectivity issues don’t stop there though. Some users have continued to also complain about the slow performance of Safari, as well as some issues surrounding the touch sensor and how iOS interacts with it.

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At this point, it’s too early to say whether the update is a complete success or failure. But, you can be assured that with the improvements to HealthKit, and the solutions that have been found so far – that Apple is going to continue to work, and improve their product as a whole.

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