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GoPro killer HTC ReCamera images leak, launch tipped for October 8


HTC might have made a tactical mistake in releasing an image that looks to reveal the ReCamera, a personal video and audio recording device.

A web teaser was released, and shortly thereafter the photo leaked, and apparently caught everyone – including HTC off-guard. No one knows for sure whether the leak was intentional or accidental, but it would seem as though this was something that HTC didn’t want to happen.

The device was shown in completion essentially, leaving almost nothing to the imagination.

Set to officially launch on October 8th, the ReCamera is intended to compete directly with the GoPro, which has set the bar for personal video, completely dominating the market. GoPro dominates in a way that really hasn’t been seen before in personal video and audio.

It’s an extreme device as well, being able to shoot 60-meters, underwater, and in full 4K. That though, is why they’re so popular in the sports segment – and that’s why it’s so crucial for any personal camera maker to utilize the sports segment to catch up – if they want to challenge for market share.

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It’s unclear right now what the price point of the new HTC ReCamera will be, but it would appear that in a market where some of the more capable devices in the segment sell for as much as $400. If HTC could produce this ReCamera, and it function as well as those who are speculating believe it will – as well as price it at something around $150 – which many have speculated will be the price point, could do a number on the GoPro market.

HTC has been having some serious financial issues in recent memory, so going beyond the smartphone market is a good move on their part. Especially if they’re able to successfully break into the personal camera market on their first try. There is definitely a lot of risk associated with this, but in a market that doesn’t have any truly dominant players beyond GoPro, at least in terms of controlling market share, this could be just the opportunity that HTC was looking for to boost their bottom line.

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As always the ReCamera will function through an app on smartphones as well, so the device definitely isn’t one dimensional by any means. So, HTC very well might be sitting on a big hit right now that is set to launch on October 8th.

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