On October 5th, the GoPro Hero4 personal camera will bring a serious host of features that should reinforce their dominance in the personal camera space.

There will be a lot of new, and updated features, but perhaps the most exciting of new features to entry-level customers will be the new entry-level Hero that will only cost $130. This release is option-centric and no matter what type of customer you are, or what you’re recording, this series of devices will once again deliver if the specs are any indication.

There will be price options. Plenty of them. Starting at $500 for the top model, and working all the way down to $130 for the aforementioned “cheap” camera. The Hero4 Black edition will shoot 4K footage at 30 frames per second, and if you’re shooting 1080p footage then, the device can shoot up to 120 frames per second.

Add built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connecting to a phone or GoPro remote, and you’ve got a pretty impressive device. Add in waterproofing, and you have what is essentially the best personal camera on the market.

The $400 version of the GoPro Hero4 will be just a slight downgrade unless you’re a serious camera user. This middle tier maxes out at 1080p resolution, shooting 60 frames per second, and offers something unique in a touchscreen display.

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This eliminates the need for any extra accessories or being matched to a smartphone with accompanying app. However, possibly the most impressive innovation to come out of the most recent update of GoPro camera’s is the fact that they will be offering an entry-level device.

It maxes out at 30 frames per second, at 1080p, and 720p if you’re looking to shoot at 60 frames per second. This is literally the perfect device for anyone who is testing the personal camera waters. It still without any hesitation, is an awesome device.

Additionally, with software updates, and a boost to the cameras performance in low light situations, the new GoPro Hero4 series is definitely going to bring a level of experience to the camera world that may be hard to match. GoPro has been facing potential competition from HTC with their device that is launching October 8th.