Curved TVs remain a niche product for many (similar to smartwatches), but Samsung has been leading the way in its “curve” revolution. To continue its curve campaign, the Korean manufacturer has now decided to add a curved PC monitor to the collection.

The Samsung SD590C, as it is formally called, is a 27-inch, curved liquid electronic display (LCD) with 1080p resolution. While its pixel density trails that of practically any 1080p or 2K smartphone display (including the LG G3, iPhone 6 Plus, and Samsung’s own Galaxy Note 3 and upcoming Note 4), the device has been designed to improve the eye-watching experience for those who want a “larger-than-life” experience.

Samsung says that it’s done research to determine that curved displays reduce the amount of focus shift required for your eyes that is part and parcel of the experience with non-curved PC monitors.

The device features a 4000R curvature, which makes the PC monitor seem larger than its actual size – the goal being to provide something of a “behemoth” visual experience. We’re not surprised, seeing that Samsung’s displays have been rated the top in both the TV and mobile display fields.

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Samsung’s curved PC monitor includes features such as surround sound audio, a Game Mode that operates similarly to Adaptive Display in Samsung smartphones and tablets, as well as a Game Boost Mode that’s designed to highlight the game audio and decrease the sound of other unimportant sounds in the background so that the game makes its way into the room in which your display resides (at least you’ll hear it this way). The curved PC monitor will also feature HDMI, DisplayPort, and D-sub ports.

Samsung intends to sell the device for $429.99 starting on October 1.