On Tuesday, Apple announced that they would be releasing the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices on October 17th in China and that it would be available on all three Chinese wireless carriers.

And the surge of demand is expected to be huge. Finally becoming available, with all of the software bugs worked out, and having an entire month essentially, beyond the September 19th release that was seen in the United States, and several other countries as well.

Apple’s suppliers seem to be ready, the company is obviously ready because this will mean astronomical sales numbers, and of course, Apple fans are ready in China to get their hands on the largest iPhone to date.

A spokesperson for the company that assembles iPhones, called Pegatron Corp estimated that the company is running at 80, or 90% to full capacity in terms of producing iPhones. However, the same individual noted that this level of production is expected this time of year, when releases and holidays are happening pretty constantly – until the New Year.

However, a spokesperson at another production spot for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices did note that shortages usually are blamed on retailers. Most people will assume that if they have to wait a few weeks for a device that they don’t have the supply, but the truth is that the retailers are the ones waiting on the supply, or predict incorrectly their initial sales numbers.


China is expected to sell an incredible number of iPhones though, because last year when Apple released their 5S and 5C models, they sold 9 million phones, and that included China. This year, Apple sold 10 million devices and didn’t even get to enter the Chinese market.

The iPhone 6 that carries 16GB of storage will retail at 5,288 Yuan, and the most expensive 6 Plus device with 128GB of storage will cost 7,799 Yuan.

Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices bend only under extreme conditions

In India, it is expected that iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will release shortly before Diwali, which falls on October 23rd and is being surged by a massive demand for the devices there as well. However, Apple is in somewhat of a battle with its management team in India – as there is a differing set of views about when the launch would be most ideal.