Some smartphone users want a basic experience that allows them to have LTE, Wi-Fi, sufficient memory storage, and normal capabilities they’ve come to expect from mobile gadgets. At the same time, however, there are true hard-core gamers out there who want something more than the gaming experience provided on an iPhone, Android phone, or Windows Phone. Others don’t mind using a tablet over their smartphone – even if it means that they’ll need to carry a bit more weight around due to the size of their tablet.

Anyone committed to the mobile gaming experience knows that usual tablets and smartphones won’t suffice. “Can’t a tablet exist for me that provides all that I need plus the gaming experience I want?” gamers ask. Well, the good news is that such a gaming tablet exists, and it’s none other than Nvidia’s Shield tablet.

First, Nvidia’s Shield Tablet differs greatly from the first-generation tablet that only had Wi-Fi support (not LTE). LTE has now been included in the gaming tablet, but you’ll have to grab one by way of US carrier AT&T. Fortunately, AT&T’s offering the second-generation Nvidia Shield Tablet off-contract, so you won’t have to break your pockets for the next two years to have the web data you desire. If you don’t need a lot of LTE data, you can still use 2G EDGE and 3G (HSPA) when you find yourself in locations that lack strong data signals.

For those of you willing to do business with AT&T for two years, you can get the Nvidia Shield Tablet for just $299 (of course, this doesn’t count the monthly fee you’ll owe AT&T out-of-pocket).

The first-generation Nvidia Shield Tablet came with only 16GB of memory storage, but the new model features twice as much as the first-generation model (32GB vs. 16GB, respectively). Memory storage is a must for hard-core gamers who know how much memory space can be occupied by just one game. If you’re a FIFA 15 gamer, for sure, you know that any FIFA soccer game (past and present) has occupied at least 1GB of space. When you play games and save data in game apps, your memory storage decreases over time.

The Nvidia Shield Tablet possesses two other major capabilities that make it more than just a gaming tablet: first, the Nvidia Shield Tablet can serve as a media controller, and secondly, the Nvidia Shield can serve as a PC game streamer for your PC games. Using your Nvidia Shield game tablet, you can control your Google Play Music, for example (in the same way that you can control your Play Music on Android smartphones and tablets). In that regard, Nvidia’s latest Shield game console can be substituted in place of your TV remote.

Amazon kicks off NVIDIA SHIELD 4G LTE Tablet preorders for $399

Next, you can use the Nvidia Shield Tablet to stream PC games in either 720p or 1080p, providing you with a comparable experience (and better, if you’re a diehard Android gamer) to that of Android smartphones and tablets.

We here at Inferse have played our share of Android games on smartphones and tablets, and we’ve found the experience lacking. Nvidia is attempting to expand in gaming industry by manufacturing a game console that’ll attract gamers who want an all-in-one solution to their love of gaming and the mobile experience. While battery life has been found lacking, you can’t ask much more out of a gaming/PC/mobile device with a price tag comparable to that of Sony’s PS4.


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